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All 4 branches text is done.
now 5 hours for pictures, 1 hour to load and tune music, and 1 hour to publish.

1 day 12 hr until jam deadline.

Channel of Choice sneak peek WIP repo (renpy visual novel).

* Narrative skeleton of patterns and choices - done
* Preliminary music selection - done (not loaded yet)
* Branch fleshout - 2/4 branches

To do: pictures (cheap black and white, few strokes, Random Person Generator style, est 5-30 min per picture)


I loved the Witness, and pattern highlighting in 3d world feels +- like magic. But i can't get the feeling off that the person that designed it is very old. (And indeed, he is 50-something now)

The Myst itself had a rawer flavor of experiment.

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Applied to Thales Alenia Space as a Systems Engineer

It does not have a good chance of success. But after childhood sunk to X-series, KSP and Space Engineers, after months of analytical mechanics, after kilometers of talk about open space tech with different people, after making 3 games about space and tons of failed garbage, after open electronics work... if I do not apply, the self-image would be shattered.

So bad i don't know any space OSHW employer.


Ok, that was a sudden burst of high talk and small sideprojects. Reality is not rainbows.

But over this month I learned, with the help of my previous creative writing practice and making visual novels and games, the fundamental role of patterns in both novels, games, general code, and life.

If one can control patterns in one's art and code and make them into a harmonical whole, with the same methods one can control one's mind, habits and life. Eagerness is less powerful than consistency and harmony.

For a mysterious reason, s with rich feedback are only found in games. But recenty I discovered how small details and narratives they form impact working mood and focus.

My old game Nights With Junk employed subtle sounds for player actions, and i liked it a lot. So i wondered: is it possible to weave a cool sound theme for a shell?
A plain text terminal shell?
A prototype based on Ion cost me a day and has a completion sound.

Another small utility I wrote in as a part of my expedition into and narratives is torwatch.

A simple CLI tool to watch videos in small resolution over tor and . Invidious is easier to connect to than youtube directly -- it does not reject tor.
It could be a script, but I chose Rust for exercise.

Usage wise it has one url to specify and 2 optional flags: if you want to have a bigger resolution or if you want audio only.

Actual security is unknown.

Published a small coverage tool.

While working on a rust library bindings task for @dulsi I found Rust test coverage options hard to use.

So I made a tool that runs your tests and gives you test coverage just when you run `testcov` in your crate dir.

Limitations: super unpolished, nightly rust, rustup, rustup's llvm tooling in path, Linux (Mac?)
Also no line-by line display, just aggregate. But better than nothing.

Later, line-by-line support is planned.

Ok, I need to apologize for being quiet. It was tumultuous and on the brink and i needed to move around and meet deadlines of other people moving around too.
However, my housing situation got a temporary (maybe month) fix.

I still need money so i am not discarding anything that you wonderful people have offered work-wise.

Thank you a lot for help!

Oh, sorry. Now that i think about it, that was my rate i took for irl lessons when i went to the place, so i guess it would be more fair if that was 10$ for online.

About mixing - it is all ok.
The goal is to make your project work and cool on a total budget you can afford and to leave you with skills to make more.

Let's continue in PM or in chat at (matrix)
I want to know more about what you want to do.

Teaching a person to use Godot would really make me glad.
There is clearly a shortage of godot devs and studios.

What kind of games are you interested in making?

If real-time sessions, like over a videocall, i think that ~15$ per hour will be ok.
If not real -time, one can make it milestone-based.

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Well, i have an Itch, i do employ a lot of my nonstandard visual art.

And i feel VERY marginalized as a foss and privacy sensitive gamedev if that counts.
Most game studios are very casual and oblivious. And for me, it feels like both the Internet and the industry just get tighter and tighter every day.
I cannot really even work at a 'normal' company anymore.
But it is only 12 pieces atm.

How did this happen?
I am an awful person in mid-range planning and liked to work for free to much. And then war happened.

But, because of jams innumerable i can code fast so if you have something that you need to quickly finish or fix some bugs, i can do this. ^_^

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Because friends have fled, and i am now without +- any money in a few days i will probably go full hobo or into jail until better times.

So, if one wants some <week or around help with their game or a project or just with tutoring and one is willing to part with some ~100-150$, I am very glad to help.
Yes, below any paygrade, but current balance is around 20$, so this matters.

, , , ++, , ,

PM for a resume, also see pinned toots.

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