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Should Microsoft use its centralized control and block on the Russian territory?


Due to extreme financial and political emergency. I need to freeze Fedijams unless someone wants to continue them.

I am currently without home (yes, the second time, thanks for a war) and need money, so see pinned posts if you have a position (godot gamedev, python, c, c++, some electronics).

Sorry for inconvenience.

FediJam VI will be Jan 16 -> Jan 23.
The page and wider announce will be later, but you can propose themes.

Was not too enjoyable, but did some storywork while i was there.

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Going offline for 2 weeks or so (need to visit a remote place).
I have ran into that myself and would like to know the answer too.

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What would it mean for a game to be *federated*? Federated multiplayer sounds great, but it's a very complex issue - but one that might open a lot of doors. What if a city builder and RPG can federate, in which one player builds the city and another completes quests in it? It is just one of the possibilities. Other possibilities are far simpler - display data from a mastodon timeline in-game, or integrate chat with a matrix home server. Share screenshots on pixelfed? #gamedev #fediverse

@xenophora @kromonos
Unlike stopping physical violence that is much harder, on we have tools to prevent nonconsensual information exchange.
One of them is defederation.
One does not need to hate the other side to defederate and it is good when less hatred and more comfortable environment is the goal ^_^

(@ lemmy people: prev toots might not be federated because of cw, see them via masto)

Exactly. Too emotional. ^_^
Actively hating "obvious bigots" is itself bigotry.

But more importantly, it is same hatred people flee to moderated servers from.

"People are not checking accusations enough." i refer to @kromonos post i replied to (en version is right after de).
Blocklists are long. When making a new instance it is hard to check every single one. Copypasting happens.

This got me an idea of having a wayland compositor function to apply arbitrary glsl/gdsl shaders to a window.
godotston - wayland compositor based on godot, should be easy to modify to do this.

Sorry if it confused you.
While being a reply to you, it is also a statement on it's own that belongs to epistemics category.
That said, i missed the fact that it is an unlisted post and so the hashtag has no effect.

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What would people like to see in a #solarpunk #ttrpg? like what kind of stories and mechancis or whatever.
I like monstrous moonshine conjecture so much it made it into my somewhat math-nerdy game:

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dorky fantasy worldbuilding concept 

rings as tokens of an oath, with their location indicating the severity of the oath - from finger, to wrist, arm, ankle, leg, and finally neck.

if one breaks an oath, they must remove the ring - but they're forged too tight to be removed by hand. only a blade will do


If anything, making the spectrum between capitalism-leaning and moneyless economies richer and easier for an individual to choose from (via migration or coexistence) would be a clear social benefit on it's own too ^_^

I see it is a huge shame when countries become so large that diversity and choice suffer as much as now.
Hard to exit, hard to enter, hard to choose, hard to change.


Well, that's why i noted that this point of view is different from modern.
Today one could say that increasing the variety of market interactions is a clear social benefit on its own because it makes the system more balanced and long-term sustainable similarly to what
biodiversity does to the planet.

We are here on fedi, and many are using gnu+linux/bsd, and providing alternatives for everyting and anything is a part of the foss culture too,
Because having choices matters.

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