I like that it is someting that could happen only on FediJam. We might get into a whole new thing (at least eventually) just because we have audience with certain inclinations.

Audience matters.

In the hindsight, it seems inevitable, but here on FediJam we have struck a new gamejam genre: A federated jam in wich contenstants' DIFFERENT games try to federate over an ad-hoc communication standard.

@humanetech , you were interested in federated games? Well, maybe there will be some >_<


Yeah, i think i will need to trailblaze the whole actual_federated_game thing this week.
But one more thing i found is this section of (a little bit more) federated games:


This one is from even older suggestions, thanks @humanetech

Freezing theme list (20 min until selection):
0: Contact
1: Defend Your Lands
2: forwards backwards
3: Privacy

@uberstar for this jam too promises to make a video of the submissions if there are enough submissions.

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Regarding making federated games, i was recommended (thx bkilm) to have a look at making plugins like
And plugins like

Other suggestions for easier gateways into federated gamedev?

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This Sunday at 18:00 UTC (in 7.x hours!) we start off the third FediJam. It will be a whole week of making foss game goodness ^_^

To join/submit a game (can join after start):
To chat/teamup:
To propose a theme:

To make your first ever game:


Bonus: Have a pick at federated multiplayer and/or making a guide for future attempts (will be included in next jams).


They are not awful compared to things like spotify or ebay but still they are a closed platform with analytics (at least google analytics and their own) operating on top of not-really-privacy-caring payment providers (Paypal and Stripe).


@kromonos @humanetech @LemmyDev

Well, it seems like it is just that fetching in general is limited to original urls (which are also activitypub ids).
So it is not even redirection but rather a lack of it.

for example lemmy.ml/post/85234 is also not searchable.

Thx Nutomic for clarifying.


@kromonos @humanetech @LemmyDev

Yes, the problem is narrower.
lemmy.ml/post/71519 fetches but lemmy.ml/post/82214 does not

So, it is about fetching posts that originate from sopuli.xyz which is now down (even if using urls that are not sopuli.xyz).

@kromonos @humanetech @LemmyDev

Hm. Technology was really not subscribed to. So maybe the problem is even narrower than unsubscribed post fetching

try fetching lemmy.ml/post/84438

@kromonos @humanetech @LemmyDev

@kromonos , not fetching posts is a problem with fapsi.be .
I conducted an experiment on lemmy.ml with some african community that no one on lemmy.ml has subscribed to, and lemmy.ml fetched the post when asked to fetch a direct url.


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@houkimenator @openstreetmap

By using #OpenStreetMap in this way with actual data, while being fun, this game also has educational value. Teaching about #privacy and #facial recognition dangers.

You can generate maps from the area where you live, or play in Nightmare mode navigating the heart of #London or other highly surveilled cityscapes.

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I am not a #gamedev but I like the #delightful idea of @houkimenator to organize collaborative #jams on the #Fediverse

Just added a #game idea to the #Lemmy announcement:

"Reach the Activity Pub"

Navigate the streets while avoiding the #surveillance camera's operated by your jealous partner to reach the rowdy Pub to party and get drunk.. and then stumble back home still unseen.


Use @openstreetmap to generate gameplay area, and a real overlay of CCTV locations.

Proposal from Matrix room :m.wfr.moe : ''Defend Your Lands' (thx wholesomedonut)

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@kromonos @humanetech @LemmyDev

Opened an issue github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issu

If there is no way to fetch older posts to interact with them, then small and just new servers will end up heavily biased against when choosing a home instance.
Because they cannot interact with the majority of the posts already written.

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