An occasional Neonhead reference
(screenshots included).

Feels like citing my own article in a science paper.

Conceptual anger at conceptual chaos.

Years of frustration compressed into 15 min creation.

Felt terribly ill today

CW for picture: stylized surrealistic internal organs, creepy.

Though somehow still looks kinda funny. Guess just cannot be serious.

2 random superquickies.
Notice that face is indexed-colors and super light, only 11kb for 1600x1200.

In second one I have noticed a chain of attention between characters only now when i have prepared a textual description (check it out!).

The context here is that it is a side-by-side of photos in someone's album.

Tried to produce my first ever anime-style drawing.
Humans in general are hard.

Last night, before sleep, I made a quick mechanically drawn something.
And then realized that it looked like a face part.

So today I drew the full thing.

ok, ok, this one final for today.

No. really. I just don't want to make a game, i have 'more important' stuff to do...

like... coding liberative foss to free people from endless proprietary butthurt...

... though if course it will end up in me making a strange game again that almost won't be played...
who am i kidding, i haven't made one in _months_, this is not sth you can simply omit even if you want to and even if games are not a success.

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