A lesson from another submission (Untergetaucht) : They made a circular block-breaker game and implemented a lot of powerups traditional to their genre.

But jam draws in people, including me, outside of breakout culture.

Outside of trained playerbase the mech can feel overwhelmingly complex, and tutorials are too long to make during jam.

A lesson: Reserve high complexity to specialist target audiences. Explore something new during jams and keep it simple.

Web version of Channel of Choice is now up at houkime.itch.io/channel-of-cho
Unfortunately, it does not work on Safari and webkit browsers.

Although the jam is back up, it seems they had some major trouble, and in all this turmoil the jam became *unrated*.


I wanted so bad to pit my work against 300 people!
Also they had in fact had a theme on their Discord which was not duplicated to their page.
Good that i only spent 2 days on this instead of 2 weeks. And making the novel was still great ^_^ (see thread)

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The novel is up.


VERY proud of it. However rushed, it still showcases new tech i have developed on and off over 2 months. Seeing it just work in battle conditions is rewarding...
Thanks to @aliciaesperanza96 for music.

But... the jam itself has disappeared in a fluff of smoke.

Disheartening. I really wanted to pit this against 290 people. Previous installments are in place.


Because friends have fled, and i am now without +- any money in a few days i will probably go full hobo or into jail until better times.

So, if one wants some <week or around help with their game or a project or just with tutoring and one is willing to part with some ~100-150$, I am very glad to help.
Yes, below any paygrade, but current balance is around 20$, so this matters.

, , , ++, , ,

PM for a resume, also see pinned toots.


FediJam5 results are up.

#1 Random Person Generator: 4.083/5.0 (4 ratings)
by me
#2 Berated: 3.917/5.0 (4 ratings)
by @armen
It is also the most Fun game by a landslide!
#3 dailyrat: 3.333/5.0 (4 ratings), by @waifu, music by Gentoo
#4 Portal Rooms: 2.357/5.0 (raw 3.333, adjusted by Itch because only 2 ratings)
by @unbroken_unworn


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@humanetech @armen @unbroken_unworn @waifu

Just 8 hours until we know the results of FediJam 5: of Ruined Plans and General Apocalypse and see which of 4 entries wins ^_^

This time we have extended the rating frame so it ends on weekend (today) - i hope more people can rate. Please enjoy the games made by fedizens for fedizens.


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*Waking up from a dream with an elaborate storyline and a fleur of romance with ad-hoc generated characters*

I think for years my brain was making avant-garde visual novels.


Oh, almost forgot.
If some or maker on or wants to stream or record FediJam5 submissions, this is more than welcome! ^_^

I am proud that this time such a call finally makes sense because we have enough entries this time.


Making a post about my own entry too so people can comment on it without Itch if they want.

This is an emergency again and it was made in like 4 hours because of course in-game federation failed my schedulng.

But the idea of a random generator making people immortal via multiverse implications and anthropic principle was with me for some time and lent itself nicely to @TheAndSys 's theme of Self-Reference.


We now start FediJam V: of Ruined Plans And General Apocalypse ^_^

It was proposed by @TheAndSys and won with 7 votes.

One can join up until submissions close at Sunday Dec 5 23:59 UTC.

Plans go haywire regularly - do not be afraid of making something in 1 or 3 days or to respin the project with a new idea.

Also, joining a team frees one from Itch.

Jam page: itch.io/jam/fedijam-5
Chat: matrix.to/#/#fedijam:m.wfr.moe

Fedizen, you can vote for a theme for FediJam V and we will make actual games on the theme during next week:

* Nostalgia
(thx @armen )
* There and Back Again
(thx @simonmic )
* Borrowing
(thx @unbroken-unworn:tedomum.net )
* Retro Fit
(thx @humanetech )
* Self-Reference
(thx @TheAndSys )

Vote here (no real name required):
Jam: itch.io/jam/fedijam-5
Chat: matrix.to/#/#fedijam:m.wfr.moe

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All next week (starting this Sunday 18:00 UTC) I am hosting the fifth FediJam.

4 previous jams saw games haywiring and people stopping and not sharing.

The fifth one emphasizes time management and disaster recovery. Itself announced late and with ad-hoc art.

None of this is intentional.
Not that your game should be.

too, too, too

Chat, teamup:

Cheerful Gamer played my Battery Street on video ^_^

(video with 3 games, BS is around 3:05 minutes in)


@humanetech @armen @iarebatman

I would also like to thank @TheAndSys for being an inspiration for Battery Street (which won the jam, however small) and recommend to check her site ampersandia.net/

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Fedijam IV results (open voting, managed to collect 4 ratings per game)


Battery Street (by me)
Fun: 3.75
Originality: 5.0
Creative Use of the Theme: 4.0
Overall: 4.25


Surge! (by @armen, @iarebatman and @unbroken-unworn:tedomum.net)
Fun: 3.0
Originality: 3.25
Creative Use of the Theme: 3.5
Overall: 3.25


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