FediJam III: The Network Was Hungry will start Sunday 18:00 and go for the whole week until next Sunday 23:59 UTC!

This is a response to requests to have fedijams longer, we are trying out new format.

Hopefully, the week will also allow for really cool (and maybe federated? *wink*) games to be developed.

Join the jam at:
And our Matrix room at

Theme proposal thread:

When should we have the next Fedijam (choose so that you can attend)?

About the thing i made.
This is a naive physical simulation where I drew a potential with a depression to simulate clinginess.

Probably the most interesting part of it is that the field of water density is calculated on GPU, and it does it by just blurring water particles rendered to a separate viewport. On GLES2, yes.
And then particles use the field to calculate where to move.


The FediJam 2 has started, but you can still join it and submit your game right until submissions are closed (which is Sunday Midnight UTC).

I wish all participants good luck and remind that you can post your progress with tag to be boosted.

(see the thread for the jam link)

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Ok, FediJam has the first teamup proposal!
@controlfreak is looking for a team, and proposing help wih sound, conceptual design, writing and a bit of coding.


One can also propose teamups by tagging , i will boost them.

The second Fediverse Jam (now FediJam), named The Handshake in October, now can be joined.
It will start at Friday 18:00 UTC and will go on until the Sunday midnight (i did not like working through Sunday night).


Our new tag is and we also now have a matrix room:

Propose a theme there or via reply to mastodon.technology/@houkimena
Hope to jam with you.

Propose a theme for FediJam 2!

(depending on the number of proposals, i will choose randomly, count likes or make a poll to filter the top 3)

Best resources to recommend to people new to foss gamedev?


Made a Matrix room for the upcoming NEXT Fediverse Jam.
( :m.wfr.moe )

Come in, especially if you want to help with org or just share your thoughts!

fixed the troubles with macroquad webexport.
Now this trash runs in your browser too, even if this browser is Safari ( cannot run in but macroquad can).


unfortunately recommended web export for github.com/not-fl3/macroquad seems broken. Will see if i can fix that and publish the web version of my Heartless Autumn.

Web browser support is a big thing - helps share to much more people.

Fighting with mutability issues in 2-day jam conditions feels hardcore. ^_^ Somehow got it though.

So, the first ever has just closed submmissions.
Sadly, out of 3 participants only me was able to submit in time (and i made it in literally last minutes).

@hbenjamin and the other participant, if you are bit too late, i can generate a late submission link for you.

My game is supersimple (and trash), but i learned a lot more and a new framework with it. And i managed to do it in the last day.


Thx for coming to this first test run!

One more note about Itch jams.
If there are no participants (authors do not count), they are not displayed on the timeline and are not even searchable.
So, initial participants are all resposibility of the hoster.

For at this stage this does not change much since our target audience is right here on the , it was meant to be external to Itch, and only the second goal is to bring more peope to Fedi.

Btw, for some reason Itch does not allow to change header colors for jams using interface (it allows this for game pages, but not jams).
And <font> tag is not working as for html5.

But via trial and error i found a good way to do this:
<h3 style="color:">
However, itch text editor sometimes overrides it when editing in non-html mode.

Now with bigger headers and colored, too.
Thx DnzAtWrk from at for suggestons.


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