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The best sort of compilation errors:

Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '../../../../../../../_common/ad/widget/widget.vue'

Oh, how it is the adverts code is suddenly gone? I wonder... ^_^

(while preparing a store for the )


I use mastodon for some years already.
But once i started to notice that, it is getting hard to ignore it:
Mastodon web interface would be easier to scroll if the column with the input would be in the center, and tag columns could be attached both sides, not just one.
that would be ergonomics x2

Also when one opens a post or a user profile, it opens at the farthest column, and that feels awkward to scroll horizontally backwards and forwards across all the tags.

@humanetech @armen @iarebatman

I would also like to thank @TheAndSys for being an inspiration for Battery Street (which won the jam, however small) and recommend to check her site

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Thank you to all of the participants (both ones that submitted and ones that did not) and to raters, including @mikapyon and @richard

And a special thank you to @humanetech for supporting the jam for several iterations already.


Fedijam IV results (open voting, managed to collect 4 ratings per game)

Battery Street (by me)
Fun: 3.75
Originality: 5.0
Creative Use of the Theme: 4.0
Overall: 4.25

Surge! (by @armen, @iarebatman and
Fun: 3.0
Originality: 3.25
Creative Use of the Theme: 3.5
Overall: 3.25

In one hour we will know the winner game of the FediJam IV.
It is a bit formal, but still we have 4 ratings per game so the ratings will mean something.
Last chance to rate:

Anyone wants to try and federate Game Jolt store (MIT) so that fedi gamedevs feel at home?

The closest things technically would be Misskey and Peertube.

Aaand here goes my own entry.
A short cyberpunk visual... poem?
About powersaving?

It is a emergency submission at its' best because my plans with federating and protocols went haywire.
That said, it maybe not the worst thing i have created?

Thanks to a person with an NSFW nickname, we were able to have the tenth vote!

And the theme for Fedijam IV: Multiverse Crossroads, Bonfires and Marshmallows is...
POWER SAVING (proposed by @bkil)

FediJam now officially starts!
Happy Jamming!
You can join up until the submission ends at Nov 14 23:59 UTC



We have 9 votes of the required minimum of 10 and less than an hour before the jam start at 18:00 UTC!

And it is a tie too, between @bkil 's Power Saving and esi's Well Fed (submitted by matrix)!
Vote now and decide the theme of the FediJam IV!

Join the Jam:

If nobody else votes, the poll will be discarded and the dice will decide.

Ok! FediJam IV: of Multiverse Crossroads, Bonfires and Marshmallows starts in about 5 hours! At 18:00 UTC.

Currently 5 registered participants and 20+ people in Matrix room at

At least 3 are planning federated games.
Don't like Itch? Just find a team on our and make a together!

Participating or not, also vote on the theme!
10 votes (2 remaining) needed or we fall back to rng.

Before you ask though, yes, any at making or finding a purely (or maybe even federated) solution to having jam-like competitions is welcome.

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Yes, Itch is . You might have had a problem because you wanted to participate in some gamejam and compete, but Itch Jams are not compatible with free software principles.
And jams are rarely using anything but

Good news.
FediJam differs from other Itch jams.
We use

In practice it means:
* You join
* You find a team
* You make a game
* Your teammate uploads.
* You never touch Itch

Oh, i didn't notice how our matrix room grew 20+ people strong.
It also now has an added value to it.
It is literally the place on Matrix with the highest concentration of gamedevs focused on and general federation of games.

So, even if you don't feel ready to enter our competition, feel free to join, say hi and learn something from us.

Regarding organizing on the :

We ned to move our jam theme voting to today because mastodon polls do not support more than 4 options and we had 5.

Do you know some better/federated libre ways to have simple polls?
(Not that i am opposing framadate, i just want to know more options ^_^)

Ok, the poll was moved to framadate, thanks to esi and sunjam!

Vote for the theme for a FediJam IV!

* Grids
* Power Saving
* Lure of the Pentaverse
* Look Out!
* Well Fed

We need 10 votes for a poll to be valid, so boost!
The results will be considered at Sunday Oct 07 18:00 UTC
Vote here (no need for real names):

Thanks to all people who suggested themes, and not right before the start.

Now we have 5 themes early and...
... For the first time in the FediJam history.... we get to _vote_ for a theme!
Right here on Mastodon!

18:00 UTC (~0.5 hour left), I freeze the theme list and we vote for 24 hours before the jam starts tomorrow Sunday, again at 18:00 UTC.
Poll will be valid if themes x 2 people vote, currently 10.

Toss in last suggestions at:

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