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Even if nobody comes at Fediverse Jam, i will still try to make a game on the theme myself (chosen from your suggestions by rng), so do propose a theme even if just for trolling purposes. ^_^

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Ok, so here is an official announcement. The Fediverse Jam will start this Saturday at 10:00 AM UTC with submissions open until Monday 10:00 UTC.
It is a very short notice, but i felt like if I postpone it again this will just never happen.

At least this first iteration of the Fediverse Jam lives on Itch:

I do not yet know a better platform to do this.
Leave your comments and proposals below.

Will try to host a small test foss Fediverse Jam this weekend.

It is a long thought of mine, and i have always postponed it but hey, needs to start someday, even if the first attempts are doomed to be very humble.

Propose a theme?

danmaku poll showed next to no support or even interest in having danmaku feature in peertube.
It also failed to be anywhere near representative.
Counting this as a fail.

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In my the recent quite successfull poll

out of 94 respondents 62% would NOT federate with if it allowed it.
Reasons stated:
* unfeasible for current fedi servers (traffic load)
* unhealthy twitter userbase
* fedi needs to grow on its own terms
+ a voice to federate but in silent mode.

Despite broad anti-twitter sentiment, it would be significantly integrated unless tech forbids.
Possible fediverse split over community standards
Thx for participating!

If I can place only one link, what is the best introduction to out there for people completely new?

Have just discovered a surprise ending in my own .

2 big lines in the plot, intuitively antagonistic, interacted with some thoughtlets from my recent posts about and suddenly went kaboom in the nova of synthesis.

And now i think it should be a canon ending.
Answers some of my life questons too.

That's why you do .

Next, on , people are participants, not customers.
This is a key difference from and others.

This means, people can take roles and make them matter.
@humanetech and @feditips
have them.
Different project maintainers have them.

What could be yours? However whimsical it could be, consider taking it up. Maybe just follow your dream?
Can be fun.

And there is an open question: how can fediverse as a whole help and reward people who choose to take up responsibilities?

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Have thought about building stronger and stuff.

First, a reminder that tag exists: people _do_ ask for help.
Please consider pinning it and do not hesitate to use. One can set it to local-only and also include extra tags to see only things one could help with.
I am pinning it today.

Would you use danmaku in if supported?
(will consider making it)

Note: Danmaku are rolling comments superimposed on video at the user-defined time, looks like this (DPlayer):

@ajroach42 got me thinking about how to reward fedi artists.

Imagine an coworking server linked to the wider .

Hosts set the house rules and have tools to pay small rewards.
Both automatic, like for boosts/likes/impressions and less automatic, like jams and competitions.

To pay, hosts crowdfund or get sponsors.
Artists are not limited to house rewards by default.

Houses themselves compete for the best talent to attract more fame and money and in turn provide better service.

If allowed federation, would you federate with it?

What is the social experience that can/could potentially provide that is impossible with corporate networks?

For devs, there is free tinkering with underlying code and ideas.
A playground.

For hosters - having their own kingdoms and deciding whom to federate with and how to moderate and onboard.

But what is/could be there for others?
Aside from ruleset/bdfl choice?

And especially, what could be there for content creators?

Currently is mainly a place for tinkerers, oppressed and censored. And this is not a good thing.

It exists as a reaction to bad trends much more than something positive in itself.

An alternative to Twitter,
an alternative to Facebook,
an alternative to Reddit.

A hotfix to social media's flaws that sacrifices a lot to get some things right.

How to change this?
What the media of the future should actually be like to be both likeable and user-respecting?

Oh, so it seems like federation between and is still not a thing after more than 4 years.
>500k users are cut off, like a second

There is a webpage that tries to visualize federation links (based on mastodon API) and plots maps, but i have lost it.
(not, different interface)
Does someone know it?

could have been a good tool to find royalty-free for .
I have employed it on several times over recent years

But it is not smooth.
Instances tend to go down.
Instance _list_ on also goes down.
Don't know any mirrors.

Storage backends can fail separately or be inaccessible.
Federation is not linked or cached enough to make up for this.

Whether you will be able to find something for your project in a given day depends on luck a bit too much.

#politics #twitter 

A recent act of private discrimination against makes me think about potential costs of having one company controlling too much of a communication platform.
Even if they state their reasons.

This kind of a thing is almost unthinkable on .

One could really anticipate a rise of and other decentralised social media usage.

But it might still not happen.
Current statistics implies that we're hitting some sort of a wall now and have troubles growing.

For some reason made a cryptic silent cartoon mystifying what i have done
(because that cannot be called "explaining")

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