The idea of rate-limited follow has been there from 2019, started by @koyuchan , but did not get any traction back then.

Over 3 years, Fedi grew bigger, and maybe now is the time to revisit.

Replied to the issue at mastodon repo:

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I wish could be told to select a half of the person's posts at random and to shove them into your home timeline.

Fedi is thriving with cool inspiring people who post a lot. A single person can post more than I can meaningfully dissect and absorb and x10 compared to some other fedizen.

If I follow even one of these they will dominate the feed. Extra sad when you have a connection to the person and would actually like to keep an eye on them.

Do you know what this is on the charts from the Federation Info?

An artifact?
It shows some 2000 nodes suddenly join the network over May (1st graph), with each node having less users than fedi-average (second graph), but overall monthly active users have grown x1.5 by 250k accounts after having a year of very steady 10% yearly growth.

What was it and why in May?
Are there other stat aggregators one can crosscheck this with?


I keep encountering mentions of Treebird and I found one server at but i can't find the source code or the project page. Where is it?


Because friends have fled, and i am now without +- any money in a few days i will probably go full hobo or into jail until better times.

So, if one wants some <week or around help with their game or a project or just with tutoring and one is willing to part with some ~100-150$, I am very glad to help.
Yes, below any paygrade, but current balance is around 20$, so this matters.

, , , ++, , ,

PM for a resume, also see pinned toots.

Should Microsoft use its centralized control and block on the Russian territory?


Due to extreme financial and political emergency. I need to freeze Fedijams unless someone wants to continue them.

I am currently without home (yes, the second time, thanks for a war) and need money, so see pinned posts if you have a position (godot gamedev, python, c, c++, some electronics).

Sorry for inconvenience.

FediJam VI will be Jan 16 -> Jan 23.
The page and wider announce will be later, but you can propose themes.

@armen @waifu @unbroken_unworn

I thank all the participants, and also @mikapyon for rating the games!
And of course @TheAndSys for Self-Reference theme!

I cannot get rid of the feeling that there was a lot of bias in my favor. Made in 4 hours Random Person Generator was _obviously_ not made to win.

@armen though insists that i submit to the next jam too.

Please go and play his game, it is officially the most Fun game of this jam.

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FediJam5 results are up.

#1 Random Person Generator: 4.083/5.0 (4 ratings)
by me
#2 Berated: 3.917/5.0 (4 ratings)
by @armen
It is also the most Fun game by a landslide!
#3 dailyrat: 3.333/5.0 (4 ratings), by @waifu, music by Gentoo
#4 Portal Rooms: 2.357/5.0 (raw 3.333, adjusted by Itch because only 2 ratings)
by @unbroken_unworn

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@humanetech @armen @unbroken_unworn @waifu

Just 8 hours until we know the results of FediJam 5: of Ruined Plans and General Apocalypse and see which of 4 entries wins ^_^

This time we have extended the rating frame so it ends on weekend (today) - i hope more people can rate. Please enjoy the games made by fedizens for fedizens.

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Without coercion, right vs. left vs. something else is an individual choice like hair color.

can stop .

I believe in the future where you could choose your space station the same way you choose your server.


Oh, almost forgot.
If some or maker on or wants to stream or record FediJam5 submissions, this is more than welcome! ^_^

I am proud that this time such a call finally makes sense because we have enough entries this time.

I've just realized that fediverse services are online life distros.
Which you do not need to install or have a technical knowledge to use.

It is readding choices into people lifes on much lower brainwork budget than linux distros do.

And that it's main growing potential is not in growing, say, masto userbase, but in adding more options.

We now start FediJam V: of Ruined Plans And General Apocalypse ^_^

It was proposed by @TheAndSys and won with 7 votes.

One can join up until submissions close at Sunday Dec 5 23:59 UTC.

Plans go haywire regularly - do not be afraid of making something in 1 or 3 days or to respin the project with a new idea.

Also, joining a team frees one from Itch.

Jam page:

Fedizen, you can vote for a theme for FediJam V and we will make actual games on the theme during next week:

* Nostalgia
(thx @armen )
* There and Back Again
(thx @simonmic )
* Borrowing
(thx )
* Retro Fit
(thx @humanetech )
* Self-Reference
(thx @TheAndSys )

Vote here (no real name required):

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This won't end biologically. No administrative measures were effective to stop the pandemic at large with an everchanging enemy.

The only way I see, however slow, is to disperse into and to remove the root cause: large population density and dense human physical contact graph.

This comes with a nice side effect of being able to deploy small autonomous cmmunities. The actual legally independent in space.

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All next week (starting this Sunday 18:00 UTC) I am hosting the fifth FediJam.

4 previous jams saw games haywiring and people stopping and not sharing.

The fifth one emphasizes time management and disaster recovery. Itself announced late and with ad-hoc art.

None of this is intentional.
Not that your game should be.

too, too, too

Chat, teamup:

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