Due to extreme financial and political emergency. I need to freeze Fedijams unless someone wants to continue them.

I am currently without home (yes, the second time, thanks for a war) and need money, so see pinned posts if you have a position (godot gamedev, python, c, c++, some electronics).

Sorry for inconvenience.

FediJam VI will be Jan 16 -> Jan 23.
The page and wider announce will be later, but you can propose themes.

@armen @waifu @unbroken_unworn

I thank all the participants, and also @mikapyon for rating the games!
And of course @TheAndSys for Self-Reference theme!

I cannot get rid of the feeling that there was a lot of bias in my favor. Made in 4 hours Random Person Generator was _obviously_ not made to win.

@armen though insists that i submit to the next jam too.

Please go and play his game, it is officially the most Fun game of this jam.

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FediJam5 results are up.

#1 Random Person Generator: 4.083/5.0 (4 ratings)
by me
#2 Berated: 3.917/5.0 (4 ratings)
by @armen
It is also the most Fun game by a landslide!
#3 dailyrat: 3.333/5.0 (4 ratings), by @waifu, music by Gentoo
#4 Portal Rooms: 2.357/5.0 (raw 3.333, adjusted by Itch because only 2 ratings)
by @unbroken_unworn


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Oh, almost forgot.
If some or maker on or wants to stream or record FediJam5 submissions, this is more than welcome! ^_^

I am proud that this time such a call finally makes sense because we have enough entries this time.


We now start FediJam V: of Ruined Plans And General Apocalypse ^_^

It was proposed by @TheAndSys and won with 7 votes.

One can join up until submissions close at Sunday Dec 5 23:59 UTC.

Plans go haywire regularly - do not be afraid of making something in 1 or 3 days or to respin the project with a new idea.

Also, joining a team frees one from Itch.

Jam page: itch.io/jam/fedijam-5
Chat: matrix.to/#/#fedijam:m.wfr.moe

Well, server failure was surely fitting for a starting day of a ''Ruined Plans and General Apocalypse' jam.

We are back online.

"Borrowing " (proposed by @unbroken-unworn:tedomum.net via Matrix)

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Fixed rating end date on the jam page (it is dec 12)


All next week (starting this Sunday 18:00 UTC) I am hosting the fifth FediJam.

4 previous jams saw games haywiring and people stopping and not sharing.

The fifth one emphasizes time management and disaster recovery. Itself announced late and with ad-hoc art.

None of this is intentional.
Not that your game should be.

too, too, too

Chat, teamup:

@humanetech @armen @iarebatman

I would also like to thank @TheAndSys for being an inspiration for Battery Street (which won the jam, however small) and recommend to check her site ampersandia.net/

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Thank you to all of the participants (both ones that submitted and ones that did not) and to raters, including @mikapyon and @richard

And a special thank you to @humanetech for supporting the jam for several iterations already.


Fedijam IV results (open voting, managed to collect 4 ratings per game)


Battery Street (by me)
Fun: 3.75
Originality: 5.0
Creative Use of the Theme: 4.0
Overall: 4.25


Surge! (by @armen, @iarebatman and @unbroken-unworn:tedomum.net)
Fun: 3.0
Originality: 3.25
Creative Use of the Theme: 3.5
Overall: 3.25


In one hour we will know the winner game of the FediJam IV.
It is a bit formal, but still we have 4 ratings per game so the ratings will mean something.
Last chance to rate:

Less than 20 hours are left for rating the 2 games submitted to FediJam IV: Surge! and Battery Street

Games are and run on lin, win and mac (mine also runs in web except for Safari)

By rating games or at least commenting on them right here you would greatly developers to improve.

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