Agitator demonstrates npc turnaround 101, warping in and out on schedule.

Unfortunately paths and pathfollows in are bugged, so he moves around using bare transforms and with style :-))
Plot allows for it, anyway.

All three endings are loaded.
Surprising amount of text.
One extra plot sidechain remains.
And that should be it.
Except for:
* finishing progression logic to a playable state
* polishing dialogue layout and visibility (kinda wonky)
* people warping in and out on timer (for now they are all just standing except for Sec going for donut. They already know how to warp though.)
*and some missing assets.

Kolibri OS with kernel written in assembly is gorgeous and requires single-digits MB of RAM.

Though too win-esque and interface feels bloated (compared to dwm)

After 127 commits, the whole troupe has finally gathered, the dialogue system is working and first lines for some characters are already loaded (the others are copying the first ones for testing purposes for now).

BoozeGirl with DrunkFriend
Priest of Laid Back Lasagna
and mysterious SalaryMan

Tomorrow will be a day of first big rehearsals when finally the large chunks of scenario will be played for the first time in silica.

Jumppads can actually warp people now...
Now this is totally an eerie X-game.
Screw proprietary Egosoft!

Getting beaten into shape for a prototype step by step.
(almost there tech-wise, but story is yet to be loaded)

Story and concept wise this grew several floors deeper than I originally thought.
At least on paper in my dirty notebook it now starts to look as a completely awesome, fresh and slightly disturbing philosophical thing rather than a semi-light neon tale-for-a-jam.

I hope to first play it through in 3-4 days.

I like my voxel font))
It is available on my gitlab as well as the rest of this project [WIP, not much done yet]
(in godot/AlphaVoxel folder)

random morning mood. 10 min. I'm better with pens and pencils though.

Today found in old family junk Timson "UV desinfectors" for shoes.

These work from mains power.
Inside is MB6S (contrary to MB10S silkscreen) rectifier connected in series with a hugely heat-sinked resistor and it is powering 4 diodes.

I'm not sure these are real UV LEDs since they are bright blue. If they happen to be though (unlikely) would be nice to use them for pcb manufacturing and stuff.

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