Do you know what this is on the charts from the Federation Info?

An artifact?
It shows some 2000 nodes suddenly join the network over May (1st graph), with each node having less users than fedi-average (second graph), but overall monthly active users have grown x1.5 by 250k accounts after having a year of very steady 10% yearly growth.

What was it and why in May?
Are there other stat aggregators one can crosscheck this with?

1 day 12 hr until jam deadline.

Channel of Choice sneak peek WIP repo (renpy visual novel).

* Narrative skeleton of patterns and choices - done
* Preliminary music selection - done (not loaded yet)
* Branch fleshout - 2/4 branches

To do: pictures (cheap black and white, few strokes, Random Person Generator style, est 5-30 min per picture)

For a mysterious reason, s with rich feedback are only found in games. But recenty I discovered how small details and narratives they form impact working mood and focus.

My old game Nights With Junk employed subtle sounds for player actions, and i liked it a lot. So i wondered: is it possible to weave a cool sound theme for a shell?
A plain text terminal shell?
A prototype based on Ion cost me a day and has a completion sound.

We now start FediJam V: of Ruined Plans And General Apocalypse ^_^

It was proposed by @TheAndSys and won with 7 votes.

One can join up until submissions close at Sunday Dec 5 23:59 UTC.

Plans go haywire regularly - do not be afraid of making something in 1 or 3 days or to respin the project with a new idea.

Also, joining a team frees one from Itch.

Jam page: itch.io/jam/fedijam-5
Chat: matrix.to/#/#fedijam:m.wfr.moe

Aaand here goes my own entry.
A short cyberpunk visual... poem?
About powersaving?

It is a emergency submission at its' best because my plans with federating and protocols went haywire.
That said, it maybe not the worst thing i have created?


We have 9 votes of the required minimum of 10 and less than an hour before the jam start at 18:00 UTC!

And it is a tie too, between @bkil 's Power Saving and esi's Well Fed (submitted by matrix)!
Vote now and decide the theme of the FediJam IV!

Join the Jam:

If nobody else votes, the poll will be discarded and the dice will decide.


Looks like your 'Lure of the Pentaverse ' is having a hard time this time around ^_^

The voting is not closed yet though (i will conclude the result at 18:00 UTC when the jam starts) and we also did not make a requirement to actually participate, it was a sort of federated universe -scope poll.

And we also need at least 1 more vote for minimal sample of 10 that I declared previously.


Ok, reading messages and sending them via a refurbished vurpo's godot-matrix seem to work now. There is some strange lost thread ref error that does not affect the function, but other than that?

I redid the UI a bit because previous one was quite broken (3 years have passed!), but it should go to the previous-like look in a moment.
the lower part is gomuks, to test that messages actually do arrive from the server and to the server.

The way how servers expose the tag feeds to the outside world is really cool.
You can make your tag like and let anyone without account to look at it with a link like this:

I have included it at FediJam jampage, and essentially it now has a live newsfeed to which every jammer can push their progress and which is readable to the whole world.

If it was embeddable (better: js-free), that would be even more rad.

Black airless planetoid, star density so high the sky is white, and robots of different size and shapes.

Meet a proto-cast of a that takes way too much of my time.

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