The way how servers expose the tag feeds to the outside world is really cool.
You can make your tag like and let anyone without account to look at it with a link like this:

I have included it at FediJam jampage, and essentially it now has a live newsfeed to which every jammer can push their progress and which is readable to the whole world.

If it was embeddable (better: js-free), that would be even more rad.

Black airless planetoid, star density so high the sky is white, and robots of different size and shapes.

Meet a proto-cast of a that takes way too much of my time.

Yep, , a terribly convenient way.

I arrive at this gsettings manual because i tried to run without a system-wide install.

To just compile it and run it, like you usually do with most desktop apps.

It does not work. It needs to have an _installed_ and _compiled_ _settings_schema_ for your app.
And it is just because reading the settings from text is somehow too slow.

GNOME, you understand that it is a windows registry at this point?

An occasional Neonhead reference
(screenshots included).

Feels like citing my own article in a science paper.

Conceptual anger at conceptual chaos.

Years of frustration compressed into 15 min creation.

whoops, it seems like i put in the wrong temp.
Lower temp (93.7 K) makes it only easier to make this kind of floating colonies.
It adds much more buoyancy than it adds insulation needs!

for the same or lower people counts, mass alowance per human can be now 1.5 tons+ with a large core hydrogen bubble and in the range of 200 with just humans.

Now we place a hydrogen-filled bubble (vacuole) in the center of our colony, so that hydrogen is kept warm by humans.
Hydrogen is ISRU-obtainable on

We also equalize outside and inner pressure so everything is around 1.5 bar (humans can live like that).
Makes less stress on the structure.

This yields more realistic (700kg+) mass allowances per human if vacuole ratio is 0.8+, while keeping "tens of k" humans required


Another strange calculation of mine.
How big should be an airborne colony on titan to get sufficient heating just with warm humans themselves?

Apparently not stupidly big.
a few tens k of humans?
Bonus answer:
But it won't passively float unless people and tech are very thin.

However, on titan, maintaining altitude actively might not be an issue.
This will also allow for smaller size.

Looking very silly.
But sometimes you just want a bit of vibes for coding videos.

Completely out of the blue found foss (agpl) audio workstation.

Nice design and does not seem to phone back, although this needs additional investigation.

Will probably play with it for some time.

no promises, just a thought and a game design exercise to get into shape.

Obviously a lot of goofy subversion and simplification will be needed if ever done for real (will see how it goes).

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