I wish could be told to select a half of the person's posts at random and to shove them into your home timeline.

Fedi is thriving with cool inspiring people who post a lot. A single person can post more than I can meaningfully dissect and absorb and x10 compared to some other fedizen.

If I follow even one of these they will dominate the feed. Extra sad when you have a connection to the person and would actually like to keep an eye on them.

The idea of rate-limited follow has been there from 2019, started by @koyuchan , but did not get any traction back then.

Over 3 years, Fedi grew bigger, and maybe now is the time to revisit.

Replied to the issue at mastodon repo:

@fuzzface @houkimenator I voiced my concerns over this as well:

I think while the solution seems practical at first it isn't the most elegant

@fuzzface @koyuchan

In addition to 'non-elegant', lists are hard to access if you use tweetdeck-style masto interface.

I switched the apperance from vanilla what feels like aeons ago but only got to know about lists only a past half a year, for so hidden and lurking they are.

This also came up on Lemmy recently a couple of times (1 2).

I think a problem is that the absence of algorithm is always presented as one of the main strength of the fediverse, while in reality it should be the ability for the user to choose whether they want a algorithm, and the ability to stay in touch with our friends no matter which algorithm each of us uses. (contrast to Facebook where I need to submit myelf to the Facebook algorithm to talk to my friends there)
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