Do you know what this is on the charts from the Federation Info?

An artifact?
It shows some 2000 nodes suddenly join the network over May (1st graph), with each node having less users than fedi-average (second graph), but overall monthly active users have grown x1.5 by 250k accounts after having a year of very steady 10% yearly growth.

What was it and why in May?
Are there other stat aggregators one can crosscheck this with?

@houkimenator seems this is likely related to the twitter fedizen account influx and people seeking new homes, starting to self-host etc. 🤔



Fedi DB is currently offline, but fediverse observer sees + ~1k online servers and ~250k new accounts in may. Unlike on federation info graphs, however, this does not look out of longterm trends.


And it does not display Monthly Active Users.

Fediverse Observer ascribes ~ 200k from 250k new users to mastodon, but only 500 of the 1k new servers.

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