@houkimenator That's a hard question, especially since I haven't kept up to date with new books. Donald Norman's "Design of Everyday Things" is an immortal classic and it gives you excellent base. Then it depends on which area and what methodology you are interested in. Humane Interface by Jef Raskin is provocative. Jakob Nielsen wrote a lot about the web. About Face is another classic about interaction design. Cognitive Dimensions is a useful methodology for measuring usability.


Thanks! Found all of it.
I need it the most for library/internal APIs and for in-game interfaces/controls.

@houkimenator For libraries and APIs I would also recommend to look at books on design of programming languages. Many of them are ancient, and a lot has changed since, but often the general ideas they have are sound.

There is also a lot of literature specific to game design (my favorite is "the book of lenses"), because usability in games is tricky — often the whole point of the game is what we would call a
bad user interface, and if you optimize that, the game would become trivial.

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