I keep encountering mentions of Treebird and I found one server at treebird.froth.zone but i can't find the source code or the project page. Where is it?

Actually, I am being stupid. ^_^
We are federated, I can ask directly.

Hi, what is Treebird and where is its project page or source code?


Maybe it's an alternative frontend to it or something.
The original pleroma frontend does not work without Javasript.
This one does, and moreover it has JS-related settings.

@houkimenator @humanetech Pleroma with Treebid-FE outlook. Simplistic...
@houkimenator @humanetech Damn i was looking into Treebird-FE repository couple of days ago, try this https://git.nekobit.net/treebird.git/
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