The novel is up.


VERY proud of it. However rushed, it still showcases new tech i have developed on and off over 2 months. Seeing it just work in battle conditions is rewarding...
Thanks to @aliciaesperanza96 for music.

But... the jam itself has disappeared in a fluff of smoke.

Disheartening. I really wanted to pit this against 290 people. Previous installments are in place.

Nevermind. Jam is back somehow. Idk what it was.

Although the jam is back up, it seems they had some major trouble, and in all this turmoil the jam became *unrated*.


I wanted so bad to pit my work against 300 people!
Also they had in fact had a theme on their Discord which was not duplicated to their page.
Good that i only spent 2 days on this instead of 2 weeks. And making the novel was still great ^_^ (see thread)

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