If you have a portfolio of at least 14 pieces and are a marginalized visual artist send me a DM for a possible paid opportunity! Or just drop a link to your work for other people to see as well! Please boost for max visibility!

(Your portfolio can consist of an online gallery, a well-representing Instagram, ko-fi or Patreon account, etc...it just needs to be something people can look through to get an easy sense of your work).



Well, i have an Itch, i do employ a lot of my nonstandard visual art.

And i feel VERY marginalized as a foss and privacy sensitive gamedev if that counts.
Most game studios are very casual and oblivious. And for me, it feels like both the Internet and the industry just get tighter and tighter every day.
I cannot really even work at a 'normal' company anymore.

But it is only 12 pieces atm.

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