FediJam5 results are up.

#1 Random Person Generator: 4.083/5.0 (4 ratings)
by me
#2 Berated: 3.917/5.0 (4 ratings)
by @armen
It is also the most Fun game by a landslide!
#3 dailyrat: 3.333/5.0 (4 ratings), by @waifu, music by Gentoo
#4 Portal Rooms: 2.357/5.0 (raw 3.333, adjusted by Itch because only 2 ratings)
by @unbroken_unworn

@armen @waifu @unbroken_unworn

I thank all the participants, and also @mikapyon for rating the games!
And of course @TheAndSys for Self-Reference theme!

I cannot get rid of the feeling that there was a lot of bias in my favor. Made in 4 hours Random Person Generator was _obviously_ not made to win.

@armen though insists that i submit to the next jam too.

Please go and play his game, it is officially the most Fun game of this jam.

@houkimenator @humanetech @armen @waifu @unbroken_unworn
Was pretty cool to see what you all came up with for the theme!
I just feel bad for not trying Portal Rooms. It said Windows only and, while there was packages for that mine thing for my distro, I figured installing and setting up that engine and uninstalling again afterwards would take longer than actually playing 💦

@mikapyon @humanetech @armen @waifu @unbroken_unworn

yep, unfortunately Linux files for Portal Rooms were not play-from-folder and were not itch-marked as Linux files, creating the illusion of windows-only.

They still were there so it was not a violation of the rules.
I will add more instructions on making playing the games easier next time.

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