Without coercion, right vs. left vs. something else is an individual choice like hair color.

can stop .

I believe in the future where you could choose your space station the same way you choose your server.

@houkimenator I wonder tho.
Considering myself an antinatalist, I feel most people are born to parents for mainly two reasons:
1. "that is how it is"
2. "need someone to raise exactly as I please for my own selfish reasons"

So with pressure from family and other social stuff there might not be much of a difference be it in space or on a planet 🤔

Well, with open space tech it should be easier to escape coercive families and stations or to compromise their security as to be attacked/be rescued.

Right now people cannot trigger external attacks on their countries because things are too
bureaucratized and big.

I personally think that even the possibility of that is a good countermeasure against collectives becoming too big or too coercive.

It needs not to be dramatic either.
Since attacks can arrive in days at best, there is time to evacuate and whatnot.

Kind of a weird situation really.

@houkimenator That is a lot of speculation but I wonder if it would work that way 🤔
At the end of the day it always depends on who controls the most resources, no?

The family thing: "just run away then" is more a psychological than a physical problem I think?
We grow up blindly trusting whatever people around us tell.
First of all you need to even have the "idea" and then the courage to cut ties, just like with religion and culture in general.

Sounds like what we have now just "bigger"


space sociology 

I think it is not about having most resources, but about remaining stuff accessible with no contract.
Solar system won't be be depleted any time soon.

The biggest problem with now is that even if you have an idea you need to fight.
With both states and fellow people with different opinions.
Because somehow you can't do what you want without affecting their lives.

At last in this one, it should be different.
Smaller: fewer number of things and people that affect one's life.

space sociology 

@houkimenator Hm it seems your vision might be an even more distant future than what I was thinking 🤔

My biggest worry I guess is that, like with fedi, we would initially have a hodgepodge of lone outcasts, refugees, fanatics, renegades and among them, like with fedi, a good chunk of literal morons 💦
I would personally not trust them to run some autonomous habitat without drama all the time 💦

Your vision tho seems to be a future where this is as easy as setting up a fedi server?

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