Wrote a lemmy post on a federated store that is currently WIP.
Would like feedback.

@houkimenator @humanetech
Totally agree with the shy/need account thing!
I hate making accounts and, because I always instantly log out of stuff when done, I hate logging in/managing passwords too.
Sometimes takes me a year and enough peer-pressure to make accounts somewhere.

The other thing very important to me personally is languages: English/Japanese.
Other European languages are nice-to-have but most people worth my time can at least read English.

@mikapyon @humanetech

I have noticed btw that Itch does not have any localization, but gamejolt that i am forking has a pretty extensive list of interface languages.

@houkimenator @humanetech
itch has some beta community-made translations including Japanese. But not sure about the state of things.
Appearing English-only instantly scares off anyone interested from Asian countries 💦
I do not know much about gamejolt because it does not load at all with javascript disabled so I never look at it.

@houkimenator @humanetech federated payments for games would be really nice. FOSS so if it grows there would instantly be clients on all the platforms. Probably should heavily focus on backend first

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