Oh, right, this thread was started before the page was done, so here is the jam page if someone missed it:

@houkimenator single player (sgt-)puzzles redone in multiplayer

Gamejam themes are more meta and less concrete, since they are supposed to be more of a creativity kickstarter and less of hard restrictions. ^_^
Try to wrap it in a way that sounds puzzly and cooperative.
Like 'Now not only my head hurts!'

@houkimenator Up to now, I think almost all recommendations were just the names of random concrete games (that I haven't played). And the package sgt-puzzles contains dozens of puzzles to choose from, so it really encompasses a wide variety of genres to choose from.
@houkimenator Let me replace my proposal then with this one: "Power saving"
@houkimenator Let me replace my proposal then with this one: "Power saving"


Theme: Lure of the Pentaverse

"While in the corporate bizworld grey suits came up with boring visions called 'Metaverse' or other mundane names, something mysterious is attracting attention of the plebs that were supposed to sign up. No one knows exactly what forces are at play, but mysterious pentagram-like symbols appear at strange places with arcane knowledge attached. A wild power still unseen by most stirs on the internet. Will it be unleashed?"

#FediJam #gamedev #games


And this theme might be combined with the idea to create an ongoing Alternate Reality Game that is driven and controlled by fedizens who crowdsource it, and has the secret objective to attract some more wonderful people to the #Fediverse

See the idea on #Lemmy that relates to this:


#FediJam #gamedev #games

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