Ok, 2 things.

1) is down, so i am using (thanks @kromonos) to post on Lemmy again (that worked well the last time).

Federation-provided robustness in action ^_^

2) The federation of comments is currently buggy. I have discovered that there were comments under previous one that i did not see from sopuli.

@kromonos @humanetech One of the comments that have not reached me because of federation bugs is yours, HTC.
In the post for Fedijam III (see thread)
I have tried to provide a small explainer on what the jam is.

Also there is a comment regarding streaming that i cannot reply to because fapsi does not display my older posts in the community.

@kromonos , older posts from previously-non-subscribed communities are not visible?

@houkimenator this federation bug is already applied to a ticket on Github to the project and known. They're working on it but as I'm not part of the development team, I can't say, when they find time to fix it completely.

Normally, when someone subscribes to a new topic on another instance, only the new posts will be fetched. At least that's how I've experienced it so far.


@kromonos @humanetech

Ok. Fetching-since-subscription feels reasonable, but yet i feel that if one searches for a post url explicitly it should be requested even from the past.

@LemmyDev, Will open an issue if there is not already one. Especially for small instances that fells like a correct way for people to be able to leave comments for posts they have discovered outside of their server by other mechanisms.

@kromonos @humanetech @LemmyDev

Opened an issue

If there is no way to fetch older posts to interact with them, then small and just new servers will end up heavily biased against when choosing a home instance.
Because they cannot interact with the majority of the posts already written.

@humanetech @LemmyDev @kromonos @houkimenator i believe this is also why Mastodon can’t interact with Lemmy atm

@kromonos @humanetech @LemmyDev

@kromonos , not fetching posts is a problem with .
I conducted an experiment on with some african community that no one on has subscribed to, and fetched the post when asked to fetch a direct url.

@kromonos @humanetech @LemmyDev

Hm. Technology was really not subscribed to. So maybe the problem is even narrower than unsubscribed post fetching

try fetching

@kromonos @humanetech @LemmyDev

Yes, the problem is narrower. fetches but does not

So, it is about fetching posts that originate from which is now down (even if using urls that are not

@houkimenator that's really strange. Did you already mentioned this behavior in your ticket? Looks like fetching is redirected to the original post instead of the searched one.

@humanetech @LemmyDev

@kromonos @humanetech @LemmyDev

Well, it seems like it is just that fetching in general is limited to original urls (which are also activitypub ids).
So it is not even redirection but rather a lack of it.

for example is also not searchable.

Thx Nutomic for clarifying.

@houkimenator ahh. So directl URLs to a post are only fetchable by remote instances, when the URL matches to the instance it was originally posted to? 🤔 Good to know. Thanks for clarifying.

@humanetech @LemmyDev

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