Have thought about building stronger and stuff.

First, a reminder that tag exists: people _do_ ask for help.
Please consider pinning it and do not hesitate to use. One can set it to local-only and also include extra tags to see only things one could help with.
I am pinning it today.

Next, on , people are participants, not customers.
This is a key difference from and others.

This means, people can take roles and make them matter.
@humanetech and @feditips
have them.
Different project maintainers have them.

What could be yours? However whimsical it could be, consider taking it up. Maybe just follow your dream?
Can be fun.

And there is an open question: how can fediverse as a whole help and reward people who choose to take up responsibilities?

@houkimenator @feditips

I have written about a Community extension that would allow more intricate social interactions. Like defining the variety and details of roles that members have in a group, and inter-relationships to other groups.

Incentives for people to become active for a community are a whole different matter. That is a hard nut to crack.

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