If allowed federation, would you federate with it?

@houkimenator I wouldn't mind, and block it on my personal user-level.

@houkimenator if this occurs, it is quite likely that tweeter is smarter about it than just adding a single federation endpoint to their entire platform. I'd rather not see it happen at all.. we'll grow on our own terms and speed.

Definitely because that would remove one huge barrier fediverse adoption currently faces. Public feeds are overrated and I don't plan on implementing any. A single instance that big would probably kill most instances with it's traffic as it currently stands. Mine included. We would need a lot of protocol improvements for small personal servers to handle such traffic.

@houkimenator it would just be mentally unhealthy people who are chronically upset and misinterpret things in the worst way possible because of the way engagement algorithms condition people.

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