We are calling for RMS to be removed from all leadership positions in the FOSS community, including the FSF and GNU, and for the FSF board to resign. Join us. rms-open-letter.github.io/


People are complex.
People are different.
People are irreducable.
Unknowable, even.

This letter is manipulative.
It reduces a person to a set of labels and calls for action.

Even worse, it implies that differing opinions alone are a valid cause to intrude into his life and to separate a person from his life's work.

And not only him, but other people as well.


@houkimenator man, I was really excited to see your post. I thought that people were shitting an awful lot on RMS and I really liked the man's mythology. But then I looked into it more, and ended up signing the letter you're critiquing. His "life's work" should have been more inclusive. Maybe not at the beginning but by the end. It sucks to lose a hero, but I'm better than him. I hope you're better than him too.


@pants @ehashman

I can understand that.

But even when one thinks that FSF should have been more inclusive, signing this exact letter, with its chosen approach, is how we make the whole opensource community a more coercive, less tolerant and less inclusive place.

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