In the transition between 4 and kicad5 the savefiles format has changed the way libraries are looked up. So neo900 opensource in-house tool to ease sch navigation "eeshow" now needs an update to support both kicad4 and kicad5.
And guess who needs to adapt it because nobody else has enough time?😩

@robkam you can talk with the author wpwrak (on freenode, can be found in ) about it.
Also if you find it useful you can just fork it and maintain it without any talks.
I don't think wpwrak plans to have it on github or gitlab any time soon.
Also he sort of abandoned it for quite some time at least.
If someone will maintain it he will probably be more than happy.
The program itself is quite small.

@robkam I have partially fixed kicad5 problems.
It's not in the repo yet though.

@houkimenator if you want to take over the GitHub repo, let me know.

@robkam No-no-no, "takeover" is not needed.
Even if one needs write access to a github repo (which is not often needed because PRs exist), he can be made a collaborator.
It is really better for you to remain a repo owner since nobody quite has time to maintain things properly.
Like, i could have made this fix in one day but it took more than week.

@houkimenator I just put eeshow up there because I thought it was worth preserving. I'm on Windows not Linux but I hope I'll keep it updated. I'd be happy to see somebody else fork it.

@robkam You can try and convert eeshow to a cmake project to enable semi-painless windows compilation.
I wanted to say that it will make things for mac easier too and it is more important since windows is dying but with apple ditching opengl it maybe not really it.
cmake is nice nevertheless because it will eventually support and fuchsia.

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