... now the thought of making 3d ncurses lib for will haunt my dreams...

I like my voxel font))
It is available on my gitlab as well as the rest of this project [WIP, not much done yet]
(in godot/AlphaVoxel folder)

gitlab.com/Houkime/neonhead DNS failed on me today.
Quite a fright actually.
Accessed wiki from mobile net for DNS alternatives and stuff.
Managed to hook up to opennic stuff and it saved my day after setting up DNS timeout. Works a bit slow but works.

random morning mood. 10 min. I'm better with pens and pencils though.

In search of DIY-able substrate. Have amounts of scrap copper.
Thought about electroless copper plated plywood even.
Just for lulz tried (and failed) to make toy stuffing+PVA composite (won't cure without air). That was my debute in tech parody genre

For proper FR4 can't find an open design of a fiberglass weaver. (need to make one?)

Target characteristics need just to be enough for RepRap-level electronics (mm range trackwidths and separations and enduring a low temperature soldering session).

Today found in old family junk Timson "UV desinfectors" for shoes.

These work from mains power.
Inside is MB6S (contrary to MB10S silkscreen) rectifier connected in series with a hugely heat-sinked resistor and it is powering 4 diodes.

I'm not sure these are real UV LEDs since they are bright blue. If they happen to be though (unlikely) would be nice to use them for pcb manufacturing and stuff.

Again made a game for a . 48 hours, and I felt like it was better than the last one.
Well, the last one finished on the last place, and this one finished #34 from 58 entries.
So there is definitely an improvement.

Although scoring less than some games that are hardly even playable is a bit of a downer, it is all kinda subjective and random so no biggie.


in the 1995 paper on virtual black holes here
on p. 19 Hawking says that effective scattering on vbh would be negligible for anything except for scalar particles like Higgs and that's why we probably will never observe it since it would interact with vbh and reemerge as other particles.
(existence of vbh in q gravity is derived from application of uncertainity principle to spacetime curvature)
We have higgs now, so what does it contribute to vbh and qg theories?

designed my first model cpu and adapted/optimized helloworld for it in a week.


next step - tests! (whenever i feel like it)

Did a small game for Mini Jam 16 ("western" theme, 3 days), and of course forgot to share it on Mastodon


It seems like has an additional sym-lib-table (holds libpaths) in ~/.config folder.
Which is of course not transferred with the project folder.
Inside the folder itself is only a partial sym-lib-table.

And apparently to view someone else's files you need a <project>-cache.lib .
Which is ignored if you have sym-lib-table in config.
And thereby it messes with eeshow vs. eeschema tests and whatnot.
idk what to do again.
Kicad devs, WHY??
Was it THAT hard to have all stuff in one place?

Was interested in GPUs and accidentially discovered OGD1 oshw-ish FPGA-based videocard/devkit


Sad story.
They've built 25 expensive units, lived for 2 years and RIP

wiki is down. Remains:

repo is beyond restoration

Even if you go self-hosted git/svn please, for the love of Open Source, DO have a mirror on a public hub.
Otherwise you're not very helpful for the community once your activity is over.

Tried to compile browser engine written in today.
The process takes 25+ gigs of hdd which cannot be really seen as a good thing.

Also it seems that to compile the final servo executable 8 gigs of memory are not really enough, and thus hdd got hit again.

Final executable alone took around an hour.

Result: Binary sort of works, but man that's an unneccessarily resource-hungry compilation.

ok, seems like making eeshow look at -cache.lib when it detects that libs are not in the .pro file makes it somewhat work with 5 without too much overhead.

Also tried out - a .
Idle memory usage not too much different from my usual LXQT and is around 430 Mb with xwayland on. probably will be lower without it...
And probably would be even lower if someone manages to port wayland infra to

Trying out barebones shell for .
Even this minimal thing is more usable then I thought it would be.
Although falkon in which I'm typing this feels a tiny bit more sluggish under qt5-wayland I bet this will improve in the future.

In the transition between 4 and kicad5 the savefiles format has changed the way libraries are looked up. So neo900 opensource in-house tool to ease sch navigation "eeshow" now needs an update to support both kicad4 and kicad5.
And guess who needs to adapt it because nobody else has enough time?😩

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