Many of these games do not even have screenshots or anything on a repo page/in sources so you literally need to tinker with them just to see what they are like.

docs though are great and lua is a new language for me so it was fun.

Surprisingly enough,
sweep 3:

This one i think is a hidden and abandoned foss factory game gem.

2011. Color Factory by perky. CC BY-NC-SA

This is a LOVE game and i ned to tweak it A LOT for it to run on modern Love (Arch doesn't ship 2011 Love anymore).
It plays a lot like OpusMagnum or SpaceChem.

My fork (Did PRs also). Buggy but runs.

AUR package - once debugged (next week?) - sure
Comment if you like sth to be in AUR ^^

sweep 2:

The second game for today is also called Factory and it is made by dakror.

I ned to make 3 adjustmensts for it to work:
disable broken launcher webthing.
disable uploading and signing of jars.
migrate from deprecated base64 encoders.

3 PRs

Not much 'playable' and in German, but funny. Who needs normal unidirectional belts?)
Probably won't package this in current state.

sweep 1:

Sweep starts from small prototype made by sinius15 called Factory.

In game there is now one manual crafting recipe (a pickaxe) and a random map generator.
Last commit 2016, and sadly no license, but still made 2 PRs (build.xml and a bugfix) since i needed them to launch anyway.

Porting to Arch: not yet, maybe in the future.
Nice assets though and understandable Java code. No deps.

Comment if you would like sth to be ported ^_^.

Searching/helping for decent and bringing cool stuff to straight from sources.

Packager quest since apparently Arch lacks stuff to play in this genre.

Comment if you would like sth to be ported ^_^.

will need to write a PKGBUILD that disables this shit.

seems like makes a https connection to in the background when program is just open.
Can't see any option to disable it.

omg... not again.

...making patches for software which is designed to be VMS and VAX -compatible...


When latency of a remote server makes vimming and debugging less enjoyable...

But build/debug environment you're required to use is too hungry to be installed on your main machine...

... install a -spared laptop into your wardrobe to serve as a specialized buildbox.

And resist the urge to put more equipment on remaining shelves and to zip cables together for that comfy feel.

... because that would require you to install a cooling system into your wardrobe and your landlord won't appreciate it.

ok, surprisingly enough, i am now at the whopping 40 subscribers.

And this is mastodon which means that every one of you is at least 10x cooler than average folk on youtube or twitter.

Now, I was a very careless keeper of this account, so today i've finally deleted a deprecated link to neo900 irc channel (i no longer regularly participate in it unfortunately).

And added notabug repo and a link to my itch page so you can easily see and play whatever foss garbage i have made throughout the history.

ok, ok, this one final for today.

No. really. I just don't want to make a game, i have 'more important' stuff to do...

like... coding liberative foss to free people from endless proprietary butthurt...

... though if course it will end up in me making a strange game again that almost won't be played...
who am i kidding, i haven't made one in _months_, this is not sth you can simply omit even if you want to and even if games are not a success.

... apparently needed more of that sweet random creation process.

Sorry about no gamedev lately.
Found a foss dayjob so don't really want to risk it starting new projects even on weekends (though i really want to).

But here is some artsy i made nevertheless.
It is my old paper draft sprung to life with .

Public domain for both, do whatever.

Ah, forgot, if you wanna use it for some reason, consider it Public Domain.
No restrictions whatsoever.

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