Ok, so, result time:
My SpacePing finished #9/11
General player confusion + 1 major bug, and the fact that i had a late idea so used only 1 day of 3 jam days.


whoops, it seems like i put in the wrong temp.
Lower temp (93.7 K) makes it only easier to make this kind of floating colonies.
It adds much more buoyancy than it adds insulation needs!

for the same or lower people counts, mass alowance per human can be now 1.5 tons+ with a large core hydrogen bubble and in the range of 200 with just humans.

Now we place a hydrogen-filled bubble (vacuole) in the center of our colony, so that hydrogen is kept warm by humans.
Hydrogen is ISRU-obtainable on

We also equalize outside and inner pressure so everything is around 1.5 bar (humans can live like that).
Makes less stress on the structure.

This yields more realistic (700kg+) mass allowances per human if vacuole ratio is 0.8+, while keeping "tens of k" humans required


Another strange calculation of mine.
How big should be an airborne colony on titan to get sufficient heating just with warm humans themselves?

Apparently not stupidly big.
a few tens k of humans?
Bonus answer:
But it won't passively float unless people and tech are very thin.

However, on titan, maintaining altitude actively might not be an issue.
This will also allow for smaller size.

released a fix for Space Ping so that reset works more properly.

mac export is untested, web export on the page is not updated because jam does not explicitly allow this.


Applied Ion Systems (a libre tech initiative) is testing their micro hall effect thruster.


Rewriting design scheme anew seenms to be working to facilitate simplification.

Because i am too lazy to write all the grand schemes several times in full length and complexity.

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After months of stalling, Google finally revealed how much personal data they collect in Chrome and the Google app. No wonder they wanted to hide it.

Spying on users has nothing to do with building a great web browser or search engine. We would know (our app is both in one).

Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

Looking very silly.
But sometimes you just want a bit of vibes for coding videos.

troubleshooting partial success 

Related to previous, my main pc screen is not suited for a 16:9 screen capture, so I was trying to up quality on the (which at least has the needed aspect ratio) with the help of external .

Laptop has a combined headset+mic jack.
Just plugging a lonely mic doesn't work out of the box on .

I managed to work this out via hdajackretask (part of alsa-tools). But the audio was very noisy. internal better.
So, maybe a postedited voiceover...

Thinking about doing a bit of letsplays+screwing with game code (would be a shame to omit the biggest fun).

However, usually codebases take some time to learn, so most probably it is about small games - rare foss winners and near winners.

In an attempt to break from the curse of complexity, I watched a bit of [semi] modern RPGs and JRPGs.

And what i noticed is... these things are complex. Actually, they are terribly complex, and the count of different UIs and screens for the player can be in tens.

What is different though from more experimental works is they are well established genres grown with time.

Their elements, even bloated, are very familiar to the player community, and that makes complexity passable.

Completely out of the blue found foss (agpl) audio workstation.


Nice design and does not seem to phone back, although this needs additional investigation.

Will probably play with it for some time.

Oh, i have completely missed that now has functions.


hmmm... will be interesting to try that out, although my dev streams at twitch and youtube back when i used them were not exactly popular.

Seeing stuff about beagleV singleboard, but can't really understand its status.
Seems like pre-production looking for preorders and funding.

Cool if BB and partners can really make it in $100 range, considering HiFive Unmatched is in $600 which cannot fully qualify as

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Any Visual Novel fans around? 

I'm working on a Cyberpunk #visualnovel (very nsfw - there will be explicit scenes) and would appreciate having some followers / beta testers for quality assessment.

boosts appreciated! :blobcatmeltthumb:


Despite this, lore mood is very optimistic and lighthearted.

The real freedom is there, friends are there, communication and collaboration are also there via sort of decentralized , albeit with delays.

With careful approach and network wisdom, one can live safer than it is currently possible.
For example, one can't now be safe from one's state, and in setup, one can keep safe from any state in the Sol.
Or the entire humanity really.


Somewhat unfortunately, an open also enables a person to attack any object they know location of with a nuclear missile or another weapon while escaping liablity.

In lore, this is a threat to any large object in , including planet Earth or any large co-dwelling community.

That's why Earth surface is no longer suited for life, and physical communites in space tend to be small and careful about their data.


A long idea of mine and a sprawling lore.
First try to introduce it broadly in text

Technoanarchy, or a technologically-induced anarchy, is a situation where a wide access to open source tech makes enforcing laws impossible at large scale.

In my lore, the core Open Source (OS) technology that induced it is OS spaceships.
A ship with medical and ISRU capabilities gives its owner an autonomy from the larger community.

This makes freedom of association real.

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