It bloody works.
I have 1 hour to make repo look good and submit everything

I just solved the hardest puzzle in my own game for the first time.

And it took me 20 min because i myself kept forgetting about small nuances which ned to be addressed. ^______________^

Now with sounds!
Aside from main theme all of them are body sounds (i am getting semi-professional at it instead of learning synths ^_^ ).

Main theme is Island of the Little Branches by Lobo Loco (CC-BY-NC-SA 3).
You can fetch it at open.audio/library/tracks/2566


GLES2 compatibility means that i can actually use in web version of the game without the risk of large problems.

It comes with a performance cost though (9 pseudorandom samples).

final operation (rolling and shifting a layer below).
though it feels redundant and a bit OP.

Will probably disable it.
Ok, tomorrow are progression system, flavor text and whatnot.

It seems like there is no solid FOSS multiplayer game.

There are some ok FLOSS multiplayer shooters, for example Xonotic, but no fighters.

And i already win against "maniac" level AI of whatever pirated proprietary stuff i play to warm up my fingers before vim/godot.

I wonder if i want to do sth about it as a dev. Needed speed and accuracy of MP is a problem though.

However recently there was a foss release of a predictive type of framework for such things.

Concepting for a new game for Godot Wild Jam 15 is finally done (spent on it all yesterday).
Looks good at least on paper.

Now to production.

Ok, I have an idea for the next math-heavy game, though i need to recheck it and probably simplify.

Core: One draws a set on a complex plane, and then we construct physics based on this and apply it to a dustcloud.

Technically one can do it as follows:
1. Using Riemann mapping theorem obtain a conformal mapping from set to a unitary disk.
2. From the map construct Witt algebra.
3. From Witt construct Virasoro.
4. From Virasoro construct a conformal field theory.
5. Apply this CFT to dust

Yesterday for the first time successfully programmed an STM32 board.
Without an IDE, libraries or anything. Just docs and memory manipulations

Was a great day.

Ok, my little lattice game which took me around 2-3 weeks to learn Guile Scheme and make is now live.
Unfortunately it missed a deadline for Autumn Lisp Jam, but what can you do?
(i seriously didn't expect for this to be so hard)


Also a repo:


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