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Hi, looking for some work to do.

IT generalist except frontend things (but can learn in days if needed).
Chip logic - slight (sims but no verilog/vhdl yet)
pcb design - moderate ()
baremetal software - minimum
linux kernel - minimum (modules)
C - ok
C++ - ok, but dislike
binary debugging - half-year professionally
- love it (years)
- minimum
Scheme - 1 project
`- years
- years
- python and c.
(repos in profile)
dm me for a resume.

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While preparing another game I ended up neglecting my finances.
My fault.

Yet, if you would like to see more projects, hopefully helpful posts and clumsy from me, so i can afford them.


is the only way for me, sadly.

Previous titles:
Also in my repos (check masto profile)

+Can team up with you on your game!

FediJam VI will be Jan 16 -> Jan 23.
The page and wider announce will be later, but you can propose themes.

Was not too enjoyable, but did some storywork while i was there.

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Going offline for 2 weeks or so (need to visit a remote place).

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Question for #Renpy users. How do you work around that callstack error iOS users are getting when playing your game via Safari (or any other browser on iOS for that matter)? Any help or boosts on this would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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What would it mean for a game to be *federated*? Federated multiplayer sounds great, but it's a very complex issue - but one that might open a lot of doors. What if a city builder and RPG can federate, in which one player builds the city and another completes quests in it? It is just one of the possibilities. Other possibilities are far simpler - display data from a mastodon timeline in-game, or integrate chat with a matrix home server. Share screenshots on pixelfed? #gamedev #fediverse

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What would people like to see in a #solarpunk #ttrpg? like what kind of stories and mechancis or whatever.

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dorky fantasy worldbuilding concept 

rings as tokens of an oath, with their location indicating the severity of the oath - from finger, to wrist, arm, ankle, leg, and finally neck.

if one breaks an oath, they must remove the ring - but they're forged too tight to be removed by hand. only a blade will do

@armen @waifu @unbroken_unworn

I thank all the participants, and also @mikapyon for rating the games!
And of course @TheAndSys for Self-Reference theme!

I cannot get rid of the feeling that there was a lot of bias in my favor. Made in 4 hours Random Person Generator was _obviously_ not made to win.

@armen though insists that i submit to the next jam too.

Please go and play his game, it is officially the most Fun game of this jam.

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@houkimenator @humanetech @armen @waifu @unbroken_unworn
Was pretty cool to see what you all came up with for the theme!
I just feel bad for not trying Portal Rooms. It said Windows only and, while there was packages for that mine thing for my distro, I figured installing and setting up that engine and uninstalling again afterwards would take longer than actually playing 💦


FediJam5 results are up.

#1 Random Person Generator: 4.083/5.0 (4 ratings)
by me
#2 Berated: 3.917/5.0 (4 ratings)
by @armen
It is also the most Fun game by a landslide!
#3 dailyrat: 3.333/5.0 (4 ratings), by @waifu, music by Gentoo
#4 Portal Rooms: 2.357/5.0 (raw 3.333, adjusted by Itch because only 2 ratings)
by @unbroken_unworn

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@humanetech @armen @unbroken_unworn @waifu

Just 8 hours until we know the results of FediJam 5: of Ruined Plans and General Apocalypse and see which of 4 entries wins ^_^

This time we have extended the rating frame so it ends on weekend (today) - i hope more people can rate. Please enjoy the games made by fedizens for fedizens.

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So I'm writing a weird MLP 40k fanfic, which I think has a novel take on the concept. Two chapters so far, 2k words, check it out.

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It's #screenshotsunday and rating is still open for #fedijam !
Rate and comment all 4 submissions here:

And consider joining the next one! The #fediverse needs more #gamejam !

Without coercion, right vs. left vs. something else is an individual choice like hair color.

can stop .

I believe in the future where you could choose your space station the same way you choose your server.

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hell yeah!

First running prototype of Matrix Stream Chat, powered community interactions on *your* livestreaming!

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*Waking up from a dream with an elaborate storyline and a fleur of romance with ad-hoc generated characters*

I think for years my brain was making avant-garde visual novels.

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