Does a domain connected to need to have an SSL certificate for https to be secure when handling emails?

What is the best GNU General Public License alternative in the hardware space?

I want to release design and technical documents for my hardware projects but I would like to license them in a way that disallows all forms of profiteering.

That includes using my hardware to create proprietary hardware and such.

Everyone needs to use this script:

It's a push button macOS Catalina installation script for VirtualBox.

@AndreC Absolutely!

Here is the original (, which should compile on Linux with './compile' and './gameexec'

I spent much of the past few days using dark hackery to create the initial Android version (

This one is an Android Studio project. Follow the directions in the readme. I have not yet tested it on another computer or phone.

@AndreC Few years ago me and my dad made a simple game with SDL and OpenGL.

I just hacked it to work on Android (Coventina-Android), but you can also easily run it on Linux (Coventina)

@yakkoj Go on alibaba/aliexpress to get a better idea of what smartphones actually cost.

5G is also a scam. My fam just got new phones on Christmas through Verizon.

Previously on my moto's with 4G it was perfectly cool to create a mobile hotspot and I did since it was faster than my local wifi.

Now to use that feature of Android on my new Samsung Verizon expects me to pay $120/yr extra.

And don't even get me started on trying to flash anything that's not some variation of Corporate spyware on the thing.

Some boldly state that "the iPhone revolutionized the communications industry."

It really depends on what we define as "communications industry" here. If all you care about is end-user devices that seem to expire in a year, perhaps Apple's work is done. If you care about your mobile carrier not being a money-grubbing shit, Apple have not only done nothing, but have given the carrier tools to nickel-and-dime you while improving very little.

@yakkoj I'm waiting for carbon batteries before I'm ever going to consider buying a full sized EV in America.

I think the trick is to get things to a point that it's more profitable for peoples and capitalists to go electric than fossil fuel.

Sadly in America we basically live in a crony capitalist pigsty. :(

Hi friends!

Please check out this old game me and my dad made together a few years ago ( which I just finished hacking to work on Android without SDL library calls.

It's name is Coventina and it's about satisfying a cuttlefish god with rings and coins.

The map is block based and since me and dad did a lot of the hard low level work already, it is now time to build on top.

To build it you will likely need android studio

For Linux: (

@AskChip Are you referring to the one I highlighted?

If so I have no clue right now. I'll do more work and investigate...

@lotus42 Looks like you're right!

I just got the thing out by applying more force!

I was afraid because the last time I applied too much force while taking my phone apart it did some damage. There was one screw left I didn't see.

I think in this case it felt like there may have been some light adhesive keeping things in there among other things...

Thanks! I bet I'll have a new issue later. 🍄

@lotus42 I can't tell for sure if it's directly under the keyboard. If it is then it's right at the edge of it.

I haven't taken out a keyboard myself and I can't find any guides for this laptop in particular.

It is my bro's laptop so I'm being cautious not to damage it...

I'm trying to repair my bro's laptop.

Model: MSI GS63
Motherboard: MS 16k41 (?)

The charging port is dead and it seems that I need to take out the motherboard to replace it.

I've done what I can to unfasten the MoBo, but there's still something keeping it in.

I believe there is one screw left which is inserted from the opposite side of the board. I don't know how to access it.

Last pic indicates issue.

I'm looking to buy a instance in the for cheap.

The best solution I've found is the reserve either a t4g.nano or t3a.nano instance from for 3 years.

That's in the range of $1.20/month not including storage.

Is there another solution out there that can provide lower costs without greatly sacrificing functionality?

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