I'm trying to repair my bro's laptop.

Model: MSI GS63
Motherboard: MS 16k41 (?)

The charging port is dead and it seems that I need to take out the motherboard to replace it.

I've done what I can to unfasten the MoBo, but there's still something keeping it in.

I believe there is one screw left which is inserted from the opposite side of the board. I don't know how to access it.

Last pic indicates issue.

@holden what's on the other side of where that screw is? is it possibly under the keyboard or something? i know some systems are like that, not sure about this one in particular, though

@lotus42 I can't tell for sure if it's directly under the keyboard. If it is then it's right at the edge of it.

I haven't taken out a keyboard myself and I can't find any guides for this laptop in particular.

It is my bro's laptop so I'm being cautious not to damage it...

@holden According to this (if it's basically the same) it looks like he doesn't even remove that "reverse screw" or anything, just leaves it there, and is still able to lift it out:


one other thing that might be keeping it in, is that your USB ports on that side where it's "stuck" kinda stick into the port holes a bit, so when you lift it up, you have to slide it away from the ports to get it out


@lotus42 Looks like you're right!

I just got the thing out by applying more force!

I was afraid because the last time I applied too much force while taking my phone apart it did some damage. There was one screw left I didn't see.

I think in this case it felt like there may have been some light adhesive keeping things in there among other things...

Thanks! I bet I'll have a new issue later. 🍄

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@holden no prob! glad that worked... and yeah, i totally get it- i've used too much force before and broken things, it's a delicate balance

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