@hkz Since you seem to be the most active in this space on my timeline, could I bother you with a few questions about getting a box of old ViPower SuperRACK modules working with Linux? It's pretty old hardware and so far I couldn't track down any definite answer to why they aren't reliably detected by the BIOS and/or Linux.

@csepp uhm I don't know them. A quick search brought up some 5.25" IDE enclosures, which at first sight do not look as anything weird. I mean, they should just extend the IDE cable and enclose a disk... Provided the disk gets power, the internal cable that connects the disk and the external port of the enclosure is not damaged, and that the bios recognizes disks connected directly and you don't have multiple slaves or masters on the bus, it should just work...

@hkz Thanks! Yeah, that's what I figured too. Cables seem fine, they came in their original unopened packaging, disk is fine as well, so it might be power. Not sure how to debug that safely.

@csepp i'd say connect one with computer case open and without fitting it in the drive bay (just leave it dangling on side) and without a disk inside. Then probe with multimeter inside the enclosure


@csepp oh and also spray some deoxit or equivalent in the IDE connectors of the enclosure and unplug/replug them many times. Could be oxidized

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