A small side-project I started is importing the IBM CGA card schematics into . My idea is to publish them, and hopefully produce a clone. I know someone on the internet already attempted this, but to my knowledge they never published their work, nor answered my emails.

Why doing this while we already have great homebrew SVGA cards? Because composite CGA gaming is a thing, and it doesn't look terrible. Beside, a 4.77Mhz 8088 has an hard time making full use of VGA.


Yes how kewl is that? But if you're serious about CGA gaming/gaphics, and you're not dead set on bone stock top of the line componennts, try to round up some Princeton Graphics stuff and then a CGA monitor that supports a .51 dot pitch for the ultimate in [pre EGA] PC graphics!

um... y'know, relatively speaking ;)

Among my greatest treasures is my collection of 5150 based parts and accessories, like the stack of 64k motherboards I accumulated years ago when everyone wanted to u/g to 8086's and other such XT class platforms.

Oh, and uh, except for the MacIntosh stuff (kidding, sort of) you're feed is the kewlest - do you have any commodore VIC-20, C64, or Timex Sinclair stuffs? Would love to see that too, and since you're a fellow Ham I figure yo'uve got at least one C-64 there that you prolly used to connect up to a TNC ;)


Hey, thanks! :)

I'm not set on anything in particular as far as devices: I'm quite the scavenger! Actually I've been keeping my eyes open for TTL monitors on flea markets for a while: I'd like to avoid getting one shipped (I know full well it'll arrive in several pieces).

Never had a 5150, I wonder if one day I'll get lucky and find one (like I found the 5160 mobo) in a components pile!

I DO have some devices. This is just a small peek ;-)

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