form my boards. I found some heavily oxidized copper boards, so I decided to try creating a makeshift cage for my . I'd say the result is ... Decent.


This looks great.
I am doing something similar, I am trying to get the whole system in a very small space, found some really compact power supply's, 300 wats max, that will keep the size down.

@mrbill0 custom casing also? I couldn't find a small case with holes for 7 boards :-(

Im working with a pinch press to bend aluminum into the shape i need> My system is much smaller and more limited though. A single board 386 has most of the onboard stuff, a video card, and a soundcard. 3 slots total. I modified a isa riser card to be the backplane.

@mrbill0 very interesting project, and I love the industrial look

@hkz I have no idea what you're doing but I am convinced that it's awesome.

@Kovach an homebrew IBM PC XT compatibile computer all built with homebrew boards. Some are my projects, some by others, but all built by me.

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