Self-built IBM-XT compatibile is up and running! Couldn't find a 28.636Mhz crystal, just a 14.318 one, so I'm stuck with a 4.77Mhz clock and a turbo mode of 7.16Mhz (no 9.55 for now).
Serial port, CF, audio, floppy and VGA all tested fine! Now I just need the smaller 8bit backplane and to drill holes in the brackets.

@hkz oh cool, any detail page(s) about your build? BTW 38.636MHz crystals are available in for example mouser and rs-online:

@roytam1 nope, did not make a write-up about this build yet! I am planning to do it, but once it is really complete (brackets drilled for every board and a suitable stand for the cards... I was thinking of an open-air "case").

Thanks for the link! I already ordered a crystal from mouser two days ago, as I had to get components for another smaller (but more modern project)!

@hkz still prettier than any “gamer” branded board today 😍

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