What a curious find at the : a 1888 copy of the A1 Commercial code. You can see how complex messages were translated to simpler words, faster and easier to transmit.

@hkz is there a complete scan of this / can you produce one?

@jeffcliff I did not search for it on the web yet. I know there are some different codes available, but not sure about this. Alas, making a scan of a book in the hundred of pages is beyond my capabilities now.


That is so cool. I knew nothing about their abbreviations code. Anything else worthy of mention about how they transmitted messages?

@RussSharek the book spends no pages on the technology behind it, detailing only the code. The interesting part is the list of goods that have a specific codeword assigned. Goes even to give one to "dog biscuits".
I am away from the place where I store my books for the week, but can take a few more photos in a few days


I'd love to see it. Maybe scans of the whole book can go up to

@hkz holy shit this needs to be digitized, does have a copy yet

@eqe This specific edition doesn't seem to be available, but earlier and subsequent editions are. See ABC5 from 1901

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