Sifting through a I found at the today. Found this old transport ticket. Has anyone ever seen a similar one? What was it for? Which period is it from?
If anyone is curious, the book is "Codex Inscriptionum Romanarum Rheni", Book of the german-roman Inscriptions, 1837

@hkz From memory and from once having researched a ticket I found in an old book, I’d say: it’s a bus ticket from sometime after they started printing tickets on a roll instead of individually in the 1960s. Route number 19, which Wikipedia says has been going in various forms since 1906:

@hkz And looking up the history of tickets, I see a photo of a bus ticket from 1969 with a similar fare (9d) on wikipedia, so I guess the date would be sometime between 1967 and 1971?

@ghost_bird wow! Thanks for having researched this! I'll have a look at the article now.
I love when I find these little traces inside books.

This one is German, went to London and somehow came up in northern Italy.

@hkz this is exactly what the tickets used in transportation in Romania looked like a few years ago. They always had a little area where the ticket seller would sign their name and date on it in cursive as well. they used the same brown paper there...

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