This is what happens if I connect an card toy converter, and that to the input of this green ...
16 shades of green!

Yesterday I was able to restore enough of this early 486 to get it booting.
Someone removed the BIOS chip (I used a dump off a similar mobo), a few logic ICs and the oscillator (I put a 40Mhz one in there, even though I suspect this results in an overclock).
Still no idea of what kind of is installed, an probably... The heatsink is glued.

Couldn't leave the closed up for long... Even if not documented anywhere I could find, you CAN get a rev.3 main board to use the trapdoor slot as chipmem (thus going to 1mb). It's slightly harder than a rev.5 as there are no jumpers, but basically the same procedure:
- cut the EXRAM trace going to the trapdoor
- replace the 8371 agnus with an 8372
- make sure agnus pin 41 is not tied to GND
- pin 59 of agnus must connect to A19 and not A23
I added a jumper to every cut

Closing up the Rev.3 500, I'm looking at a few options for open hardware expansions (trapdoor extensions and CPU pluggable modules to add IDE and FastRAM). We'll see next month what to build. Can't wait to play with it!

Fixed the keyboard: it was just a bad case of dirty conductive pads under the keys. Cleaned them one by one by scraping them with printed paper. Every key registers well now!

The Franken 500 rev.3 I found at the fleamarket is not in a bad shape: all the diagnostics I threw at it passed. I took the time to replace a few crusty sockets, add my adapter and cut a few traces/add jumper wires to ease future expansions. Pity the rev.3 is not as easy as other models to expand to 1mb of chipmem.
The keyboard is not in good shape though, most of the keys don't register all the presses, if at all. Will have to clean it.

Testing the green I found. Surprisingly not only it works, but it has no burnin...
Great in text mode, not so much in color mode, still, not bad at all.
I might have to try the DIN connector on the back, as it mixes the colours directly inside the monitor, which I suspect is going to be better than feeding it NTSC composite, that is probably just confusing the circuitry.

Just got back from my favorite , snatched an interesting lot of devices. Here is a

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Preliminary dump of the voice data from a McDonnell-Douglas H05A0035-10 Central Aural Warning System. I believe first flown on the DC-9.

Voice data was stored on three 256Kx8 EPROMs. I traced out a schematic of the voice board and dumped them in-circuit, so there was no need to try and desolder the chips from the heavily conformal coated multilayer board.

For precision's sake, the games shown above do not put more than 16 colors on screen at the same time, but they do allow to use the full 64 color EGA palette to set the 16 colors used onscreen. Thus, graphics is no longer tied to the original CGA palette.

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It is not well known that you can get 320x200 at 64 colors with by using a compatible monitor or an TTL-to-RGB adapter (and a compatible game). Here I am using my EGA-to-RGBs adapter based on an EEPROM with a standard TV (SCART connection):
I'm working on an improved version using a GAL16V8, but this is already pretty good.

Relaxing a bit while testing this build. Playing , a funny and colorful by .

Recovering from the second vaccine jab. Second one hit a bit harder...

Those pesky RTCs... Found one on a motherboard. Had to scrap away all that epoxy to solder in a new battery and get it ticking again.

Built & tested rev 1.2 of my sound card. I added an header for the AUX input and also SMD ferrites on input and output ports, as recommended by the datasheet (BTW, I have a design for that one too in queue).

As usual, you can find everything here:

My usual luck: I decided to buy an converter to try various computer swith my TV.

Arrives, works for 15 minutes and then dies.

Inside I see various caps leaking in the PSU section. Replaced. The PSU outputs its voltages just fine, but still no outward sign of life. And no service manual available... And half of the main ICs on there have their top abraded.
Fuck me for having bought this...

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This is how long I had to listen to the hold tune for after being promised a five minute wait time. (Sixth time we're calling. Suspect no one is at the call centre)

Come get some speaker bleeps!
Playing some (or, actually, Nukum!) on a TV via my clone card, mounted on a PC build I'll present in a few days.

Life has caught up with me in one of the worst ways possible, so I couldn't dedicate as much time as I wanted in testing my / .
I'll get around to it someday, but it's pointless to delay the release.

Enjoy it for your and

I dedicate this to my cat Pezza who is very ill, and who has accompanied me since the beginning of the lockdown and my adventure into a new phase of my life.

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