Yesterday I finished snipping away the shorted graphic chip of this NuXT board.
Too tired to try powering up the system and see what happens, so I'll try this evening.
If the board shows signs of life, I'll try an ISA video card.

Wish me luck!

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Holy shit it still has a working install on it and i was able to guess the password.

Second board under . This one lights up like a Christmas tree. Found two shorted address lines, traced the shorts back to the Trident VGA chip.
Obviously, the most rare and expensive chip onboard...
Oh well, off it goes. *snip* *snip*

Another for tomorrow: Found another gamepad with a damaged left stick (bad potentiometer for the Y axis).
As I said, quick and easy, couldn't let it pass for 5€

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Just another day in the good old land of Github. 

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@trickster @OTheB A government should be able to pay its debts with the taxes it recieves alone. If it can't, then it shouldn't have spent so much in the first place. Taxes should be used to help people in the long run, not choke them because daddy Dictator needs a new billion dollar pair of shoes.

Governments also tend to run a bunch of businesses that should help alleviate taxes, let alone profit. I don't see why economies have to be so unstable unless the government is crooked.

Repaired a motherboard. This was damaged by the previous owner who attempted to remove a badly installed serial port driver. Several tracks were cut, which i had to rebuild with thin wire. The board now boots! Off to buy a replacement for that IC...

I'm picking up my CP/M tool/library collection written in C after a hiatus of almost 5 years.
I forgot how painful even the simplest things can be on such an environment, after being spoiled by more modern systems :)

Another find at the today. The title roughly translates to

Theses, also by Jansenius, condemned by Pope Alexander VII, Innocent XI and Alexander VIII.
Recalled to the theological scale, according to the weight of the Sanctuary.

By Domenico Viva, an , printed in Padua, 1711.
Nice engraving of Don Ferdinando Bernualdo Filippo, Duke of Gravina

Found this at the , I wonder if it's usable under ... I'd have a few to connect to it. anyone?

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So, today the replacement for the broken DS1302 came in, installed and now the v2 runs fine. I'd chuck it in a case with the backplane, but first I need to build some expansion boards.

BTW: I had a choice to get 1x IC from a reseller in Italy, 8€ shipped, or 50x in China, 3.20€ shipped (but with a delivery estimate of 1 month). What did I do?
I bought 51x ICs πŸ˜›

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I lost interest in the project when I learned that they decided to put proprietary blobs in a read only memory (just you wait until an exploit for those is found...), and now reading this interview it just became depressing.

Experiences in companies like these (where PR-bullshit is the main focus) is why I decided to abandon my line of work and go for farming...

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*very software engineering voice* Live, laugh, love. Pick two.

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Wherein mhoye climbs back out of a rabbit hole with a story:

"But if you ever wondered why just about every terminal in the world is eighty characters wide and twenty-five characters tall, there you go."

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That was "years ago"... Sigh, time to get some sleep.

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