I love when I find collections of old or , especially in bound volumes. This contains a bundle of from 1934.

today, found a few interesting , like an Italian translation of some works printed in the thirties and this nice collection of stories by .

Encased the computer, and now (re) testing it. I also changed the LED display to say "HI" and "LO" instead of reporting a numerical value. This machines runs with an overclocked 5x86 at 160Mhz, 64Mb RAM, 512kb L2 cache, a IDE/SCSI controller, a VLB video card, a card and one of my cards, plus daughterboard.

So, as I'm pretty busy these days, no point in delaying the release of this almost-finished .
This is a small TTL to Analog RGB converter for CGA/EGA/MDA/Hercules that makes use of a device and some buffers (for protection and compatibility).
I use it daily with both a TV and a .

WTF, the display module costs above 190€ !? There goes my idea of doing something graphical with this...

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So it seems that after some light fiddling I was able to get mainline boot on this evaluation kit (plus a relatively recent ).
Neat! Another neat thing is that I discovered that since 5.4, is natively supported.

Storage room cleanup at work these days, and they were throwing away this new evaluation board. I *think* mainline kernel supports this micro, even though last came with a patched 2.6 only. Might end up being a fun thing to do, try and getting this running...

Benny the is snoring near me while I read a book. It's been a hard time the last few months. Don't wish to bother anyone with personal issues, just showing you what helps me get through it everyday: and .

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A mix of I'm getting ready for .

Whew, I've been the whole morning in the ...

Now that the 5x86 machine setup is stable and tested, I'm looking around for a good for it. There is this with led speed indicator or a big tower without. I think I'll go small...

Testing this bunch of parts that will go into my next build. The sports a CPU by (it's an advanced 486 clone) running on a 40Mhz bus with a 4x internal multiplier (160Mhz), 16Kb L1 cache (WB mode), 512Kb external L2 cache (WB), 64Mb of RAM, a video card. Currently searching for a decent VLB disk controller to replace the pure one I'm using.
Why go all this trouble instead of getting a with slots? Because why not.

but no rest. I have this morning to take care of all the chores of the day, then this afternoon I'll go and help my partner at our stand at .

I'm preparing some (no, it's not mustard, even though mustard's seeds take part in most variants) made with "campanina" . The result is going to be a sweet/hot sauce that accompanies boiled meat or sausages. It takes day to prepare, and in end the pieces of apple will be become translucent.

This is Ben, a deaf that likes to stay warm by sleeping inside my jacket when I work from home. I love having a purring near me. Very .

Testing my TTL-to-RGB adapter with a NEC monitor. Works fine, even though I don't like LCDs for these resolutions. My adapter runs fine with automatic detection of modes (plus the possibility to force EGA for low-res 64 color games), support for , and . I think I'll make another revision though: I have some usability improvements in mind.

Testing the of my TTL ( / ) to analog RGB converter. It uses two 74LS244 as input and output buffers, while a GAL20V8 does all the work.

Now trying it on a TV, pity you can't get 21Khz EGA (350 lines) with this setup. It should theoretically work with a multisync screen if I ever happen to obtain one...

I needed a quick and dirty way to use modern PSUs with old (or even ATX) systems that requires -5V to be present, so I made this small -5V injector. Will play around a not with it and then release it as usual.

Straightened some legs on these processors that @wauz kindly sent me in a box with other awesome stuff!

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