Let us not dwell on the bullshit from Poste Italiane and relax playing. Here is running under , mouse controlled by my PS/2 to serial converter. This has an onboard secondary PS/2 port, but why use it when I can attach yet another circuit to this device?

I just noticed that those two small speakers are pretty obscene looking.

Rant against Italian Post 

Ahh, the italian postal system continues to prove itself as utter shit. Today they "delivered" a package for me to someone that even signed with my name and surname. Getting back my money will be a ...

Quick and dirty mod of this small backplane! Now I can power it with my adapter and use it with my . It works, and no magic smoke!!!

A nice recovered a long time ago. Embedded CF slot, pentium MMX at 266Mhz, ethernet controller and 64Mb fitted. I think it's worth finding a small backplane for this one and turn it into a computer!

The more I play around with MCUs the more I think I should switch to them for my next projects. I think I'll star playing around with

Also modded my second to support gbs-control. You never know when you might need a spare!

Had dinner early: my partner must follow an online course tonight. While she's at the computer I made an herbal tea for both (raspberries, apple, chili pepper, ginger for mine, ginger and lemon for her) and prepared most of the breakfast for tomorrow. Time to go rest and read a bit!

Cleaning up and getting ready for next week, as I plan to do some serious soldering!

Build your own eh? I was hoping to find some project in this book to connect an external monitor to a Mac 128/512/Classic. Something is in here indeed: the mention of a "Power R" adapter, but no schematics or tech details. πŸ˜•

Finished picking nettles to turn into powder for cooking. Not time to go back and play with kicad some more...

Partner is away selling at a local . I almost done the for the morning (cleaning, cooking for lunch, feeding parrot, cats and cleaning up their mess). Almost time to go fix something in a project and go search for some rectifier bridges in my storage room.

I set the repository of ROsiM, my ROM emulator, to public. The Loader client repository will follow once I implemented (big improvement using it, btw) on there too. Enjoy.

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When Disney bought Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox, they neglected to do something: pay royalties on contracted works as part of the sale.

"Disney’s argument is that they have purchased the rights but not the obligations of the contract. In other words, they believe they have the right to publish work, but are not obligated to pay the writer no matter what the contract says."


#Disney #Royalties #Contracts #Authors #Writers

First real test for the ROM simulator: replace the 29C040 ROM on this . Worked wonderfully! I need to rewrite the upload code though: it's too slow for large dumps.

Very first test on the breadboard for my new project: a SRAM based ROM simulator. The signals seems fine and work correctly when switched by hand. Next step will be build a prototype pod to fit in place of something like a 27C256. Made it to make my repairs and my easier.

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The Replay Foundation, my employer, announced their liquidation today. This means no more Pinburgh. It also means I'm Officially out of a job for the forseeable, so if y'all wouldn't mind boosting a link to my other source of income Improbable Island, that'd be just super.


It's a silly online game and it doesn't pay as much as fixing pinball machines but heck it's what I've got right now, and this winter's probably gonna be a hairy one.

My father gave me his old bench power supply, with a dead voltage 7 segment display. Easy to replace, but a quick check with my scope showed that this supply is not safe to turn on and off with delicate devices attached.

Excuse my enthusiasm while I watch this carpet of ugly colored blocks on my TV, but this means I successfully got color on my european after replacing the crystal! Woohoo!!!

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