The I adopted is a seed junkie. I'm trying really hard to change her diet to mostly pellets and fresh vegs. One way I found to have her eat vegs is put them in a bowl identical to the one we use to prepare dinner, then pretend to eat them myself.

Pickled eggs with turmeric, beet and hot peppers (plus onions and garlic). No idea how they'll turn out but the colour is nice!

Finally, my adopted , which was terrorized of hands (and especially of fingers) is trusting me enough to eat from mine! I'm so glad we decided to keep her after the search for an owner failed.
Her new cage should also arrive this week!

While cleaning for tomorrow's soup, my adopted friend keeps itself occupied by nibbling an elm branch I brought home...

Not many news about , the lockdown blocked all the in , but while in isolation a found me!
Five weeks ago I found this female in a stack of wood in my garden. After a few posts on social media and searches in the neighbourhood no one claimed her (not even the nearby bird breeder). She was very frightened and traumatized, but we became good friends, and now she perches on me or near my laptop when I work and always wants to be near me!

Everything in for here, but I'm fine and lucky to be in , middle of nowhere. Just went into the garden to pick some for this evening's omelette.

Yippeee, my EPROM adapter proto for works fine! I can now use cheap 27C040s to replace my or install diagnostic Roms.

Got this PIC evaluation board out of a pile of scrap and had to dig into to obtain some software for it, but now I'm ready to play with some and !

Found some old pocket at the . I don't collect them, but sometimes I buy a few and repair them just because. One has an integrated printer, but also some damages caused by the internal batteries. All of these are

Nice haul today at the : a , some games ( too!) and an gameport card that I will fit into one of my ! There was a too, but got tired of waiting for the seller to come back from the bathroom (20 minutes...) to haggle.

OK, I found out that still has support for Microsoft serial mouses. Wasn't expecting that. supports !

Engravings from "La Illuminazione Elettrica" (The Electrical Lighting) by Figuier and Usigli, 1886. Contains explanations and pictures about , , , . at the

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Found some old (beginning of the ) bound in neat volumes, great condition. I love looking at vintage magazines related to my hobbies, they are a small time machine and a great look at the state of the art at the time.

I feel like consoles are reaching the bottom of their price curve. They're going around 10/15€ at , with some accessories or games too! Soooo... I got another one. It's a decent platform for and

Read about the project and couldn't resist. This arrived today... But is it really ? πŸ€”

Surprisingly, this Canon BN700 laptop is still booting fine although the internal printer (yes, this laptop has an embedded monochrome inkjet!) errors out, and given that it was lacking screws, someone must have attempted a repair long ago then ditched it.

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Citric acid does wonder against battery residue. No idea if this laptop will ever turn on, but I can at least try when I get hold of my universal adapter, this evening

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