Me when I setup a new phone: "this won't take long, I don't use many apps".
Two hours after that: "...this won't take long"

The that replaces my old secondary phone, a , arrived. already up & running! Below are the only permissions I give the sandboxed , and some are there only because I need to use the "Google Messages" application with for some of my contacts.

Hmm nope, after reading a bit about the 80186, I now know that the external connector won't have (all) the classical signals.
E.g. the embedded bus controller doesn't directly generate the /MEMW, /MEMR, /IOR and /IOW, for example

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Time to give some of my attention to the port of the FLYER. Classic , which is an uncommon sight on an .
There's an internal and an external connector. According to the brochure I found (FLYER's flyer. Hah.), there was a model with a 20Mb , for which I see no controller onboard, so it was probably plugged in the internal port.
My money is on signals on a different connector. Time to use my multimeter and keep pen and paper handy.

So, I made my decision on the secondary phone. I'll skip on again: too worried I'll have an hard time having it play nice with all the services I already use with my phones.
I found a new for an acceptable price, I'll go with that plus

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I really hate the name they've given to this thing/company... "Flyer" is totally unsearchable.

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I completed the replacement of capacitors in the PSU of the FLYER portable computer. It powers up and you can even see something in the LCD (that will need a polarizer replacement).
It detects 640kb of RAM and tries to access the first floppy.
Surprisingly, this thing has a , so, probably, and .

Yesterday I spent 12 hours cooking in the , then me and my partner went over to my parent's to eat them. The ribs turned out tender and buttery, with a slightly sweet .

I loaded my machine. Checked the water level, put in, placed the cup below. Then waited.
For 10 minutes I looked at it, waiting for it to go to the correct temp... Just to notice the machine was powered off all along.

I need rest.

of a that is no longer with me. It's been a year today.
It was hard, I'm still not over it. Pezza arrived in a moment of big change in my life, he was one of the sweetest cats I had, and we grew very close. But a sudden illness, that we fought to the very end, took him away.

Pezza means "patch" in Italian, because, like a patch in your trousers, it's always nearby You.

Goodbye friend, hope we'll meet again someday, somewhere. 👋👋👋 And thanks.

"Can I help cleaning up your ?"
One of my , Grisù, was helping out this afternoon.

The for the FLYER had one out-of-spec on the main side of the transformer and a shorted one on the secondary.
Replaced them both and now the power supply turns on (fan included), outputs the correct voltages and the buzzing stopped.
I'm wondering if it's worth to replace ALL the caps, given the failure of the two I found.

The from the portable "FLYER". This thing is mostly dead: loud/annoying buzzing noise coming from the big transformer, and output voltages way lower than they should be. are not my bread, but I suspect either a cracked core in the transformer (hope not) or caps on the main side gotten dry/leaky.

Got around to dump the 4 chips on this mysterious "FLYER" portable computer, you can download them from the link below. Next step would be to disconnect the PSU and check the voltages.

Inside yesterday's portable . Surprisingly clean, nothing evidently burnt. Lots of (which I'll attempt to dump) and an 80186 I wasn't expecting.

Today I went out to buy catfood at a nearby town. Walking back to the car I noticed a shop with "" (aka old and dusty) things in exposition. Walked in and came out with this . Unknown conditions, some cracks, and an oxidized screen. Judging by the /composite connector and the discrete components on the Mobo, I suspect this thing has an .

I won't turn it on until I have time to disassemble and check the insides.

I recently replaced my main phone (work/public/banking) with a , and switched it to . I'm very satisfied, and now time is coming to replace my secondary phone (friends/family/leisure): a very EOL'd .
I'm considering either another 6A, or to switch sides and try an iPhone SE 2022 (I fear I might regret such a decision).
In the meantime I have installed on the 2XL and I'll experiment a month fully .

I'm envious of my , at least someone in this house knows how to ...

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