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Stupid little expression doodles of Grey because I'm way to excited to play him in the dragon age game.
#art #sketch #ttrpg #characterart #dragonage #myart #mastoart

oh also literally today a young boy unprompted went “he smells so good? like... syrup. he smells like maple syrup” to his mom today

Only users who do care if things work to their advantage and are willing to expend that extra effort will choose federation.

The only way, subsequently, to drive federation adoption is by concerning our users with how things work, and why it is a better model. The best way to do that is via transparent design and minimization of abstractions. Believe in your users, teach them, show them the way your software works, but keep it easy at the same time.

Hard? Yes. Impossible? Not at all.


Why did I think trying to write my own command line table view was a good idea?
No part of that was a good idea.

Here are some scenes close to my hotel, then down the street from the historic train station, and then the train station itself in KL. Taken with the FujiFilm X100F #photography

@staticsafe `dig` such such an essential command (and far nicer to use than nslookup!).

The two little bits I often find myself using are:

# for reverse lookup
dig -x ipaddress @dnsserver

# for internal networks so you don't have to bother with your network's suffix(es)
dig hostname +search

For those in the Frozen parts of the US. Here is Cuper enjoying a rare sunny Winter day. Still chilly, but clear.

Treat your empty walls with something magical! "The Magician" is now available as a print at my Etsy and Big Cartel shop:
#art #illustration #mastoart #tarot #magic

Oregon Rainbow installing officers for Hillsboro and St Helens Assemblies.

Rainbow gets girls ready for life!

Right on the edge of the sea, looking all the way along the Castlemartin Cliffs

I was absolutely flabbergasted by this view, one of the best in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

#autumn #fall #landscape #seascape #photography #pembrokeshirecoast #southwales #wales

if you like seeing the #pigs i post and want to help support them please check out their patreon!

my farm is connected to/houses pigs from #PigPlacementNetwork which is a nonprofit that rehomes pet pigs!

you can also make a one time donation on their website, or even adopt some of our pigs :pigbutt:

Hello. I'm going through a rough time mentally and financially, if you want to share my work or leave me a ko-fi would be amazing.
I can also do tarot readings on a sliding scale price.
Thanks a lot ✨
Shop: Http://
Ko-fi :

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