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I am new to Mastodon. Nice to be part of the herd. I am a developer. My home network runs and I have many diverse interests such as and . My wife and I are currently building a which takes up much of my spare time.

Cuper, being a good boy....cookie? (Yes, he got a cookie. Who is training whom?)

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A bit of snow was no issue for Cuper. He liked that we were walking in daylight.

Grey morning, but above freezing. Cuper was happy enough for a run this morning.

Clear and cold this morning. Cuper found a few acorns then ran for home. I think his feet for cold.

Just a skiff of snow. Hardly noticed by Cuper. He still found acorns with ease.

Good day all! I am using Mastalab on my cell phone and have not been able to figure out how to add my @pixelfed account. Can anyone provide me with insure on how to do this?
Does my pixelfed account have to match my mastodon user exactly?

Thanks in advance. 😊

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