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I am new to Mastodon. Nice to be part of the herd. I am a developer. My home network runs and I have many diverse interests such as and . My wife and I are currently building a which takes up much of my spare time.

The glow around Cuper is because he is in a state of rapture. Hazel nuts and acorns abound in our neighborhood.

Aaaaaaaaaarg! I am on antibiotics and I think I might have been better off fighting the infection. My gut biota are decimated and I feel awful. Next time, I will have to be pretty ill before I agree to anti-b's. 😞

These are hardware kill switches.

Not a webcam cover. Not software disabled Wi-Fi. Kill switch.

Laptops should have these.

Ours do.

Cuper is loving the onset of Summer. It is harder and harder to get his morning walk to finish in time for me to get to work.

My daughter Bobby trapped @Cuper by putting popped corn into his empty feedbag.

Well.... we knew it might happen. The cats tried to kill the pig. Jack used the ironing board to get on a high shelf and knocked a food bin off along with a bottle of marinade. @Cuper ate marinated cat food.... animal protein in the cat food and salt in the marinade both posed a serious threat to the piggy. Fortunately it gave him a tummy ache and he threw up several times. We gave him lots of water over the next 24 hours. He is now doing better, but it was a near thing.

is a bit unhappy that he has eaten most of last fall's acorns in our neighborhood, but Spring is bringing new culinary delights.

My daughter piggy-sat for us the other day and decided Cuper should have a patriotic flag.
After a week of rain here Cooper is loving the sun filled morning.

@Cuper loves the sunnier weather. Here he is, worn out after a long walk with his drinking buddy @jack.

Firefox has made an encrypted file sharing service called firefox send, and has the whole project open sourced on github:

Goodnight friends! An unremitting & changeless sky today, always oppressive & tense w/the threat of rain but never delivering. Taking a few steps out at night there was a lull in the traffic—& all at once the world was so still I had a ½second of surety that if I turned around our front door would be gone.

In the slow rebuilding phase now, not totally prostrated w/exhaustion but v. much weakened, & more vulnerable to the effects of usual pain lvls.

May we become a little bolder & kinder today!

Question to those who understand how the Mastoplex works: when one responds to a toot promoted by another, does the response go to the initial Tooter, to the promoter, or to both? Inquiring minds and all that.

<sigh> My pig ran off with my wife and daughter. Well, he is a pig after all. The house is awfully quiet though.

Man. Some days I think the autocorrect is out to get me.

The sun is out. The snow is gone. The grass is green.

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