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I just reported a pothole AND a flickering street light 🙌

Is there anything you’ve been meaning to call in for your neighborhood?

> “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”

Where can I buy clip-on sunglasses??

There’s a correlation between living in the suburbs (car-land) and owning sunglasses.

The sun makes it hard to drive, and there are no 14-story buildings to block it!

I liked this article a lot! Several points resonated with me.

My favorite one that I'm trying to embrace more lately: “Do your deepest thinking with co-conspirators (not the people you’re trying to influence).”

🎙 and I talk about Culturesmithing on engineering teams on the podcast

This episode just got published, check it out! 😄👏🏻

Do you ever wish you could type :emoji: in apps other than Slack and have it become the actual emoji?

I've been using this for so long I forgot about it! It just loads up the Mac autocomplete with all the emoji:

Stress Accumulation

I like the bucket metaphor from James Clear:

In my mental model it’s inverted — the liquid is toxic green stress. A difficult work environment etc fills the bucket with “accumulated stress”, and and resting etc helps to drain it.

Today I learned the term "multi-criteria decision analysis" or MCDA. There are a lot of ways to mathematize decision making! This neat web tool showcases some of the methods:

Do you ever get into "strategy" discussions where it's clear you're talking about totally separate things? It happens so often!!

We can do better -- by figuring out a shared "taxonomy" of concepts and terms.

Join this free workshop later this month 🎉

GitHub - cxli233/FriendsDontLetFriends: Friends don't let friends make certain types of - What are they and why are they bad. –

My new apartment has a different name on Google Maps vs USPS Address Validator

…which means a TON of apps are about to give me trouble. I’ve hit one already, I can’t change my billing address.

I’m gonna fix it at the root!!

How would you feel about mold on the *outside* of your window?

I'm moving to Laurel, MD this month 🎉

Lots of perks for me:
* Dedicated office
* Huge balcony facing the woods
* Better guest parking
* HALF the rent of my DC apt
* Halfway between my two home cities: DC and Baltimore <3

How can you tell when a relationship is in danger of failing?

Gottman’s “Four Horsemen” are: Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling

(They’re even based on empirical studies!)

I love “duh” empirical studies 👏🏻

“turning off your camera helps reduce video meeting stress”

Less duh: hiding your “self view” can help mitigate it a lot!

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