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Zoom used to just completely break sometimes and you had to DISCOVER that it needed an update 😂

New engineering manager without training or support: "Guess I'll just keep engineering??"

Two of my coaching specialties / trends lately:

"Casey helps engineers who were recently promoted to engineering managers to learn people management skills."

"Casey helps engineers, project managers, and designers skill up to become true Product Managers"

1. Do you live in DC?
2. Do you NOT REALLY understand what “ANCs” are, but are curious?

I could use a non-expert (you maybe) to help me review an article I’m working on 🤓

Does a company "win points" with you if they contribute to local/community events?

(especially when you're looking at companies you might work for)

A new video is up! 🎉

> Embed empathy in your codebase, company, and culture with Empathy-Driven Development (EmDD), an actionable and relevant framework for anyone who works in tech.

Yesterday I did a major revision to my "Technical Coaching with Casey Watts" document 🎉

I could use some reviewers! If you'd consider technical coaching I'd love to have your feedback on this doc 👏🏻

Especially: executive, engineer, people manager, product manager or designer

SO many surveys don’t ask the right questions. You’ve probably noticed this too!

Next time you think “let’s do a survey!” consider first doing some *interviews*

3-5 interviews is often enough to see trends!

How do you justify getting the support you need? I like this focus on retention:

"It’s easy when we can demonstrate that we’ve retained someone. $15k is a lot cheaper than a year’s salary, which is the typical cost of making a new hire. A year’s salary can be up to $600k."

Got some more laptop stickers equipped 🎉

UX, PM, DEV, he
and that shiny purple circle!

Learning technical skills does not make you LESS skilled at non-technical things

Learning non-technical skills does not make you LESS skilled at technical things

There is no technical to non-technical spectrum.

They do not share an axis.

You know when you see a Tweet with some blatant things wrong in it (like cognitive distortions)?

Imagine an account you could @ in a comment to ask "which cognitive distortions is this poster falling for?"

and it replies with a link to some website with relevant examples

I'm on the program committee for this year! 🎉

That means deciding our proposed conference tracks, and reviewing talk proposals.

On our first call I asked "Why do conferences even have tracks?" and got a lot of good answers from the program committee/team!


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