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My talk from this year is up on YouTube now! 🎉

“Culturesmithing: Everyone Influences Culture”

I even assigned homework 🤓

So you have a training budget and don’t know how to spend it this year?

Professional/Technical Coaching is a great option!

1. Do you have trouble remembering what you were just doing?
2. Do you use a Mac?

I could use more beta testers for my intention-setting menubar app! Let me know if you're down to try it :)

A. You know how sometimes you have to choose "Apple Silicon" or "Apple Old" (lol something like that)?

Sometimes you don't have to choose!
A "universal app" that works on both is usually a duct-taped together combo of both apps

My in-progress app doesn't make you choose :)

The Rails Discord is live!

…but it’s not what I was hoping for when I heard about it

It’s explicitly NOT a place for the Rails community to join and chat in

It’s explicitly only for contributing to the framework

After a meeting today I spent half an hour thinking about it and another half an hour talking about it with someone— that’s all work!

And in many ways, the after-meeting work much more impactful than the meeting itself

When you have a good tip from someone in a private community (Slack) that you want to share somewhere else

How do you credit it (or not)?

I've been an author for years now -- but it hasn't really sunk in. It hasn't felt like *an internalized part of my identity*.

Just this month it's starting to sink in as a part of my identity 🎉

My brain lately: "Yes that's right, I am an author :)"

tiny Google Docs tip for business paperwork 🤓

When you need it as a PDF, there are two ways:
❌ “print page” includes an ugly “-- Google Docs” on the filename and metadata name of the file
✅ “File -> Download -> PDF” does NOT have that ugly part in the name

I'm on a quest to visit every picnic area in Rock Creek Park 🗺

I've been to 14/29 of the sites so far -- halfway there!!

Today is the first “no meetings Wednesday” at my company Happy and Effective 🎉

I can’t wait to get some focused work done! 👏🏻😄

Every time you communicate, there is both a "content channel" and a "relationship channel" being communicated on, whether you like it or not.

When you're having a conflict it may help to communicate explicitly on the "relationship channel."

Everyone knows my tummy’s name is Jessica.

For years she caused me a lot of pain and discomfort. She can be really chatty too.

Eventually I was diagnosed with IBS and it all clicked!

I learned how to treat her better and now I’m mostly tummy-pain-free

I'm working on getting sponsors for and I could use some help/inspiration!

1. Have you ever asked your employer to sponsor an event or community group?
2. Did it pan out?
3. Which employer?
4. Which group?

Most people I talk to think their organization or team or project has a pretty good strategy.

What does “good strategy” mean to you?

lol @ places I've worked at where there was literally one single "user persona" that did everything

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