There’s a special catharsis to writing reviews about rude people 😂😂

Working on a new website for Debugging Your Brain, and I managed to work in an emojis section!

I feel so weird every time I read a job listing that TELLS me to be a certain way.
"You are a team player." etc

They expect potential employees to conform??
Or else!!

Every time I look at my book’s page I’m happily surprised to see more reviews!

The publishing tools don’t tell me when I get reviews — I have to go out of my way to look lol

It’s so satisfying getting purchase emails from Gumroad 😌

With traditional publishing I have NO idea who bought what where when at all — it’s all months delayed

Debugging Your Brain is now available on Gumroad! 🎉

The first 20 people who use this link get a discount:

Tell a friend 😄

Testing out as an additional platform to host/sell Debugging Your Brain.

So many pros!
* WAY bigger cut (90% to me instead of 20-60%)
* Discount codes (like 5% off for people who attend an event I host)
* Packages (like including the audiobook in a bundle)

Doodling some more :)

I live in the space between psychology and software development. Magic happens here!

"Applied research" is at the intersection of "theoretical research" and "the real world"

What would you call these four spaces?
A = I want to + productive
B = I want to + non-productive
C = I don't want to + productive
D = I don't want to + non-productive

We won an award at Camp 🎉🎉😄

For our Baby Shark bit 😄👏🏻👏🏻

"Strategizing is evaluating potential plans." -- Casey Watts

Drawn with :)

The "Vampire Rule" of coaching:
Don't offer ideas/advice unless you are invited to share them.

(From the idea that vampires can't come into a house until they are invited in.)

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