Stress Accumulation

I like the bucket metaphor from James Clear:

In my mental model it’s inverted — the liquid is toxic green stress. A difficult work environment etc fills the bucket with “accumulated stress”, and and resting etc helps to drain it.

@heycaseywattsup How about you have both in your bucket? The more toxic sludge there is, the less room there is for beneficial juices, and vice versa.

@deshipu ooh I like that idea!! It reminds me of some video games that use fluids like that

@heycaseywattsup It speaks to me, because some activities that let me recuperate do it by producing more juice, and some do it by removing the sludge, but you really need both.

@deshipu another model I have in my head is having multiple “Sims Bars” — like I need enough social energy to spend to get social satisfaction from socializing (two different bars)

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