Did you know buying a car directly from a manufacturer is ILLEGAL? That’s why we can’t do it!


How will we reform/kill the car dealerships?
Are there any advocacy organizations or representatives in support of this or any bills in the works?

There’s a special catharsis to writing reviews about rude people 😂😂

The Pango parking Android app isn’t *entirely* useless!

Although you can’t START a parking session on it, you can END one 👏🏻🎉😂

So glad @sketchee@twitter.com has an iPad too lol

Has anyone managed to successfully subscribe to HBR??

It is SO broken 😂

If you were starting a worker-owned cooperative business, where would you start?

What books or resources or groups would you go to?

"executives were more optimistic than average. It was further found that higher optimism is associated with less rational (and more incremental) strategic decision‐making processes."


I'm thinking a lot lately about "community-run communities," like the difference between:
A. a top-down organization-run group
B. a group of interested community members coming together for a shared mission

@elle_mccann@twitter.com do you have any resources that talk about the difference?

Just submitted my first proposal for a government contract 🎉

It's hard to believe it, but a friend found an RFQ with EXACTLY my main 4 services requested all in one. What a great find!

Organizational Assessment, Culture Change, Executive Coaching, Group Facilitation/Alignment

This song is catchy!

Control (of)


I have this whole playlist of "Tiktok pop" growing -- I like these!

I just discovered an open source tax filing app! I love that it can run locally as a desktop app 👏🏻👏🏻


If you're an interface designer, you may have read the bad news about Figma being bought by Adobe.

However, there is a free open source alternative called Penpot you might want to try. You can follow them at:

➡️ @penpot

Penpot is collaborative design and prototyping software based on open standards and platform-independent. More info at penpot.app and community.penpot.app

#PenPot #Design #Dev #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #Productivity #UI #UX

How are ERGs (employee resource groups) similar to vs how are they different from unions?

They’re very different, but there are some interesting parallels here, too 🙂

lol AAVRcado🥑 is kinda sticking in my mind, is that the best acronym we can do??


Have you seen some of my talks and liked them? 🙂

I’ve got a ton more! Here’s a YouTube playlist of them:


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