"But the important point here is that these ads are unfolding on another planet where the current economic calamity isn’t really happening at all. It’s as if the main threat to people’s livelihoods right now is higher taxes..."

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Republicans: you can stop mail-in voting, gerrymander districts, enact voter ID laws, and close polling places all you want, but if the only way you can win an election is by keeping people from voting, you should seriously consider the possibility that you suck.

Lancaster city, PA schools are going online-only, changing from a hybrid plan that they had originally after parents complained.

Just another sign that the government isn't shutting everything down. Its a bottom-up shut down and it is continuing.

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More than 100 Mississippi students quarantined after classmates tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after school reopened thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefin

It isn't government who is keeping the economy from rebounding--its the people. 11th largest school district in PA goes online-only after parents said they weren't comfortable with plans for in-person classes. lancasteronline.com/news/local

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This stunt and Naked Athena will be the only thing people remember about Portland 🤔 twitter.com/daviddouglastv/sta

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@austenhufford @lizalinwsj @WSJ Of 85 Chinese mask makers originally authorized by FDA, WSJ investigation found nearly one-fifth were established only weeks earlier. Others used fake certifications or incomplete tests to claim their masks met Chinese or EU standards. wsj.com/articles/fdas-shifting

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Schadenfreude is bad.

But, with apologies to my German friends, I'm happy to see that Americans aren't the only idiots who think they are immune.
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Anti-mask protests spread to Berlin


“It’s going to be one big wave. It’s going to go up and down a bit. The best thing is to flatten it and turn it into just something lapping at your feet.”

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I lost my job to the pandemic and instead of support or assistance my landlord told me that I couldn’t grow vegetables outside anymore because it looks “cluttered” and that my rent is going up next month but sure grandpa I’ll get more right wing as I get older.

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Stephen Miller is the Pee-wee Herman of Adolph Hitlers.

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normal suburban people's desire for a quiet life is the backbone of fascism and you know damn well they'd sell you to the secret police for 5p off their petrol

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The doc who is trending online
Is making mask uptake decline
As Covid is rising.
She’s also advising
Less dream sex with demons, which, fine

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