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I'm not a hacker, but I feel like one having successfully updated the firmware in my car's Apple CarPlay receiver.

Discovered the data import/export feature in Mastodon. Exported my following list and imported it into the other instances where I have placeholder accounts. Didn't realize that the system would still send notifications to everyone, though. Apologies to anyone confused by them! Thanks, @bobstechsite for the heads up on birdsite!

"The proposal would allow existing medical cannabis dispensaries to sell marijuana to people over 21 years old with a 15 percent excise tax added to the price going to state coffers." would be a cool name for a Mastodon instance (Mastodon spelled backwards). And it's available. Have at it!

As I've been telling people about Mastodon, I've been collecting various articles about it. In case they're helpful to anyone else, I've pasted my notes here:

Another week, another neighbor island trip for work. Waking up before dawn to catch a flight to Kauai. The Garden Island is beautiful, and though we're not going far, Līhu‘e is still a nice change of pace for the day.

Any peeps across the fediverse know the best instances to hang out on (besides @davidwhogg is looking to connect!

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Hello mastodon peeps! Is there a mastodon that is for Astronomy specifically and generally?

"The study found that temporarily quitting Facebook led people to spend more time offline, watching TV and socializing with family and friends; reduced their knowledge of current events and polarization of policy views; and provoked a small but significant improvement in people’s self-reported happiness and satisfaction with their lives."

"Hawaii in the 1960s was the place to be. The newest addition to the US, Hawaii fascinated Americans with its tropical temperatures, crystal blue waters, and rich culture."

I have to wake up at 4:30am tomorrow to catch a flight to Hawaii Island for work. But it's my favorite Hawaiian Island, and Hilo is my favorite town, so I won't complain. Too much.

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