@kahuku Hey! Did you see? Masthead.social is an instance for media and media makers, and is populated largely by Hawaii folks right now. Come lurk the local timeline some time!

I'm moving to @editor! Please follow me there, I'm excited to be running my own instance thanks to @mastohost!

@Gargron I didn't know about the profiles-on-profiles feature! How very "MySpace Top 8"! I've seen and but that's lifted wholesale from birdsite. Was thinking would highlight one of the best parts of . But I'm no organizer... nobody does the wave with me, either!

Remember on Twitter? What if users did ? You'd still recommend interesting people to follow, but the twist is you have to recommend someone on another instance! It encourages cross-community interaction and adds good stuff to the federated timeline. @Gargron

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@ondra Yep, I use that feature on the four (or five?) other instances on which I've set up profiles. It's great for people who find you after the fact, but you're right, posting periodic reminders is the only way to catch people who've followed you previously. I think @Gargron has noted that "taking followers with you" (opting them in) is a little problematic. Thanks!

So now that I run my own instance, I should probably put this account aside and do most of my tooting from there. But how can I make sure people who follow me here know to follow me at @editor? Apart from posts like this, of course...

Just sent a press release about Masthead.social to some tech outlets, especially those that have written about Mastodon before. Would be neat if it got picked up, we're about due for another bout of journalistic musings about the state of the social web...

Hoping to catch the attention of journalists over on Reddit in r/Journalism... if you're a Redditor, I would love an upvote! reddit.com/r/Journalism/commen

I thought Masthead was a pretty clever name for a journalism-themed Mastodon instance.

Thanks to @mastohost switched DNS for Masthead.social to CloudFlare. Should be zippier and, if it must fail, fail more elegantly going forward!

@MediaBaron I saw! Thanks for helping to kick the tires. Say hello! Only 16 users and 12 posts so far... most of which are me! @mastohost

@mastohost Got it! I must have screwed up the DNS settings somewhere. Switching DNS servers at the registrar level and making sure only @Masto host@mastodon.social records are in there!

And of course as soon as I toot about it, it goes down. Alas I think @mastohost is sleeping so I can't get help for a bit. At least the signup form is still up!

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It seems a rite of passage for geeks who fall in love with @Mastodon: I've started my own instance (thanks to @mastohost!). My peeps are journalists and other media makers, and I've built a home for them at Masthead.social (see what I did there?). If you're a news junkie, please join us! Beta signup here: masthead.typeform.com/to/cepi6 @Gargron @ashfurrow

@halcyon Okay! Okay! Turned on SSL and now I get, "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Locale' not found in /home/halcyon_suite/halcyon_suite/language.php:6 Stack trace: #0 /home/halcyon_suite/halcyon_suite/header.php(4): include() #1 /home/halcyon_suite/halcyon_suite/home.php(1): include('/home/halcyon_s...') #2 /home/halcyon_suite/halcyon_suite/index.php(1): include('/home/halcyon_s...') #3 {main} thrown in /home/halcyon_suite/halcyon_suite/language.php on line 6" Getting closer!

@halcyon Okay! I removed the 'www' addition and now it doesn't break looking for local host, it just says, "A server with the specified hostname could not be found." Next step? Thank you!

@halcyon Is this something I can fix with changes to the .htaccess file? I think I can fix the 'www' addition on the DNS side. Also, is using a subdomain (halcyon.domain.com) a nonstarter? That's how I saw it working on another site. I think I can get Let's Encrypt going. Thanks for any tips you can provide!

@halcyon Beginner having trouble installing halcyon-suite. Loading in Safari gives me "Safari can't open the page "https://localhost" because Safari can't connect to the server "localhost"." Chrome says "This page isn’t working www.birdsite.masthead.social sent an invalid response.
ERR_INVALID_REDIRECT". What's missing from config.ini? Thank you!

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