It seems a rite of passage for geeks who fall in love with @Mastodon: I've started my own instance (thanks to @mastohost!). My peeps are journalists and other media makers, and I've built a home for them at (see what I did there?). If you're a news junkie, please join us! Beta signup here: @Gargron @ashfurrow

And of course as soon as I toot about it, it goes down. Alas I think @mastohost is sleeping so I can't get help for a bit. At least the signup form is still up!

@hawaii I have emailed you about the issue. It doesn't look to be something on my end. Please check your email

@mastohost Got it! I must have screwed up the DNS settings somewhere. Switching DNS servers at the registrar level and making sure only @Masto records are in there!

@MediaBaron I saw! Thanks for helping to kick the tires. Say hello! Only 16 users and 12 posts so far... most of which are me! @mastohost

@hawaii I knew you were going to do this. The particular theme is a small surprise.

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