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These articles about #Mastodon are slowly catching up to the fact that they are actually articles about the #fediverse!

@liaizon @WAHa_06x36 @tom79 @dansup Well yeah but fediverse actually reached about 2.4 million at the end of 2018.
Mastodon.social doesn’t federate with everyone, nor knows all the users so the count bot is known to be far from reality.



It's 2 millions accounts, not 2 millions users.


Others services give "active users" figures, with a definition of what is an "active users".

Less than 10% of mastodon accounts are really active.


@Torrone @hawaii

Actually no single admin can provide a figure about user activity on a decentralised net service.

#Pleroma, alternative to Mastodon, reached any significant number ?



The real sign that the fediverse is becoming a force to be reckoned with: spammers are starting to hit it hard.
@Gargron @mastodonusercount

@hawaii @Gargron @mastodonusercount *people (let's stop referring to people as users) no disrespect meant.

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