Living in Hawaii, a lot of the English-speaking fediverse is sleeping by the time the sun sets. Hungry for stuff to read in the evening, I've been enjoying "visiting" the local timelines of different instances, and I love how some have distinct personalities and themes (often by design). Any cool instances I should check out?

Larger instances with good global communities are nice, because there are still people posting in the middle of the night. But instances that are too large can have a lot of noise (or spam or bots). is small and cozy (pop. 2,300), but less active when I'm online. is a regular stop for me now (pop. 11,800)., where I first signed up, is way too big for me (pop. 304,000).

FWIW, I settled on because of the theme ("for people interested in technology"), the size (pop. 16,000), and... well, because @ashfurrow posts/Tweets cool stuff. Also, there's a Patreon where the community can help sustain the instance. I'm still a Mastodon newbie, but I'm liking it a lot!

@ashfurrow Thanks! Nice place you've got here! I appreciate the time and energy it takes to foster an online community, a passion I've had myself — from dial-up BBSes to USENET to listservs to message boards to... anyway. Mahalo nui loa!

@hawaii utopianism is frustrating to me but when I take off my grumpass goggles seems to be full of relatively young new anticapitalists with energy, and I appreciate them for existing.

@nerdsorrow Thanks for the pointer. I'll check it out. Lord knows I could use a periodic dose of unironic idealism!

@wraidd Yes! Your instance is in my rotation thanks to @nerdsorrow! A great bunch of folks.

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