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The ErgoDox, one week in. 

The ErgoDox, one week in. 

So turns out you can change how dual function keys work on the ErgoDox, but it's hidden in the advanced settings. I'm very happy about this, but also confused as to why they would set the default to be to deliver them as separate values if you're a "fast typist".

Anyway, went through about 5 iterations at work today, definitely getting somewhere.

Also, using a regular laptop keyboard was weird after a day of ortholinearity 🙄

Think I've found an initial layout that I can work with for my ErgoDox. The ortholinearity still feels a bit strange, but I'll take it into work tomorrow and we'll see how it goes.

Biggest downside so far: I've had to move away from dual-function shift keys, as I tend to release the shift key before the other key. This would result in two things like `\a` instead of `A` for instance.

That said, I've still got access to those symbols in other places.

Also, why are we still shipping things with paperclip holes? Who even has paperclips anymore?

Was about to run to the shop when I realized that I had some tiny screwdrivers that'd do the job.

Got my ErgoDox EZ today 🎉
Feels promising, but haven't finished the setup just yet. I'm a bit disappointed that I can't map any arbitrary symbol combination, but it's understandable due to how keyboards work.

Linux weirdness 

Miiiight have caved and picked up an ErgoDox EZ when receiving my holiday pay early today 🤷

I've been drooling over it for the past couple of months, so better just to get it out of the way, right?

So I'm not sure exactly what happened, but now all the monitors work with no drop in performance 👏

I am, of course, super paranoid that any moment it'll just fall apart, but we'll see.

If it stays this way then I can finally move onto other things like window managers, and, dare I say it, development environments!

Anyway, I think it's high time I documented some of what I've been doing 🗒️


Took me a solid 3-4 weeks of troubleshooting, but I finally have support for external monitors on my install. Now, the performance absolutely tanked, so I'll need to look into that (any ideas?), but I am nonetheless over the moon about this.

I knew my first non-trivial distro would be an uphill battle, but damn, that turning tide tastes so sweet.

git, module nesting 

git, module nesting 

git, module nesting 

git, module nesting 

Hey, peeps,

So I wanna get on this writing train and chronicle some of the experiences I've been having over the last couple of weeks, but I don't know where to do it.

What's the easiest, most approachable way to put it up somewhere?

Ideally, I'd be able to just link it to a version controlled repo and start publishing org mode files, but I'm not aware of any services like that.
(Maybe I should actually look? 🤔)

Anyway, I appreciate any and all suggestions 🙏

So after a couple days of messing about I managed to fix the keyboard sitch (I think). Turns out systemd was running an old version of the service even if I'd rebuilt the system multiple times and that my changes weren't taking effect. Renaming the service made it build the new one and, in the end, it seems that `systemctl disable` was what allowed me to update (or replace) the original service. Learning experience.

So I've been spending two whole days now trying to get to boot with my custom keyboard config (making return an extra Control_R) 😅 It's mildly frustrating but at least I'm getting a nice tour of the various internet forums while I'm at it, right?

Linux, NixOS, installation, help wanted 

It's a weird experience when you look something up on stack overflow and recognize the avatar of the person who answered it because you're following them on Mastodon. Huh.

Remember, kids: when you're trying to set up dual booting on your computer, be aware that you might end up having to do a factory restore if you mess up 😅

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